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  1. It was the Caucus supporters who began this campaign with slander, accusing the Final Four of “white supremacy” and “racist rants”. They still haven’t provided any evidence and it appears they won’t. If there’s been any slander coming from the Final Four or their supporters, then I haven’t seen it on this site. Where has that been happening? But then we’ve seen the Caucus struggle to separate “slander” from “issues”. Maybe you really can’t tell the difference.

    You say you found no issues with the current Caucus slate so we have to conclude that you really weren’t looking for any because Dr. Nemickas’ conflict of interest is a clear violation of State law. It says right there on your checklist for vetting school board candidates:

    “Do you have any conflicts?”

    Did you ask the question? What answer did you get? Why have you not asked him to step down?

    And with regard to asking people to go through the Caucus system to build up one’s credentials as a good citizen as a requirement for participating in the governing process, we’ve already seen how Caucus members demonize anyone who disagrees with them, effectively relegating them to second class status while locking them out of the process of educating their children. The Caucus is not open to different ideas. They do not represent the whole community, and clearly they do not police themselves when it comes to conflicts of interest. They need to be watched very closely.

    I want a different set of eyes on what’s going on in our schools. I’m voting for the Final Four.

    • Gary:

      You seem to have some very strong opinions and from time to time, surface to voice those in various venues throughout the city, that said, why don’t you run for office? I am sure your energy and skill is needed somewhere?


      John Powers

      • John, this is exactly the type of comment from a sitting LFHS Board member and Caucus candidate that we’ve come to expect. Where is the decorum necessary for a sitting Board member when dealing with a member of the public? Your comment was very disappointing.

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