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  1. Gary, that is certainly your opinion about little secrets. The real secret is that the Caucus holds votes – and the majority rules. Every time we vote on candidates. I have no way to control an individual’s vote in the Caucus Committee. People vote against my vote all the time in meetings. And we would accept your vote too if you were to elevate your game by joining the Caucus and voicing your concerns and making your vote count.

  2. Ms Neubauer sidestepped the email question and ignored the trademark issue, so I will ask them directly.

    Did the Final Four cull any email addresses for their campaign mailings from the student directory? If not, how did you obtain the email addresses of the parents that have received your mailings?

    When I saw your first interview in DNS, I was very surprised to see that you used a trademark belonging to someone else. Since you had 2 attorneys and a former Big 10 basketball player on your slate, and at least one other attorney on your advisory committee, I was certain you knew that “Final Four®” was a trademarked name, and that trademarks can’t be used without permission of the owner. The NCAA trademark page confirmed this, and it said nothing about exceptions for non-commercial or political purposes. Mr David Clendenin, associate director for championships and alliances of the NCAA, confirmed to me that NCAA trademarks are not available for political purposes. He also told me that the NCAA was already aware of the use of the trademark in the Lake Forest race, and had been in contact with the slate. That was in early February. Did you get a cease and desist letter from the NCAA regarding the use of the trademark? Did you negotiate continued use of the trademark? Are you paying the NCAA any licensing fees for use of the trademark? Was the trademark issue fully settled, and what was the settlement? Or will this issue be something you are going to be dealing with even after the election?

    To paraphrase Ms Neubauer’s comments, why does the Final Four( ®) slate of candidates think they are exempt from the school policies regarding the student directory, and why did the slate incorporate a well known, valuable trademark belonging to someone else into their name? Surely you do not mean to suggest your slate is exempt from school policy and trademark laws? Is that what you’d like to teach our children?

    • Wow! If only the Caucus would have put this much energy into vetting their own candidates maybe we wouldn’t be facing the likelihood that Dr. Nemickas will have to resign if elected. I guess you want to teach your children that it’s OK to violate State laws against conflicts of interest.

    • Ms. Cordeniz: I’m not certain any discussions we may or may not have had with the NCAA are relevant. They are, I must say, ably represented, and we were happy to discuss matters with them regarding, for example, the First Amendment and trademark law. It was most enlightening on both sides, I can assure you. But thank you for your interest.

      The balance of your inquiries are based on equally untrue assumptions and not worth reply.

  3. We can’t figure out why Ms. Neubauer claims that the Caucus/Right Track’s mailings don’t contain the legal disclosure information. Right Track has put out a print ad, two mailers, and several emails (the latter only to people who directly signed up for them!) and all of them have contained the required disclosures. You can see our mailings and ad here: http://www.righttracklfhs.org/disclosures-on-campaign-mailers

    The caucus has done a number of mailings as well; all of the ones we’ve reviewed clearly state that they were paid for by the Caucus, which is registered with the state as a political committee.

  4. Thank you for this letter Maureen. While my kids are no longer in the LF public school system, I wholeheartedly agree with your position regarding the email privacy that is necessary. I am surprised that, given Ms. Neubauer’s legal background, the Final Four chose this method of communication.

    • I wish I’d seen Ms. Neubauer’s response prior to posting my comment to Maureen’s letter. I would have included the following, taken from page 1 of the LFHS Student Directory:
      “The publication and distribution of this directory is sponsored by the Lake Forest High School Association of Parents and Teachers (APT). It is intended solely for the private use of the APT membership. Any unauthorized use (such as mailings or solicitations) is prohibited ”
      Under what section of this statement in the directory is the Final Four’s use of the email addresses contained therein allowable? Your defense of an “unsubscribe” button isn’t the issue.

  5. Your comments regarding your email are completely inaccurate. Furthermore, there is and always has been an “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of our emails, so after receiving the first one, you could have unsubscribed. Or labelled it as spam. That would have immediately solved the problem.

    There is no “special interest” money in this race. Our donors are Lake Forest, Lake Bluff and Knollwood residents. We don’t know who is paying for all our opposition’s mailings because they do not have the legally required “paid for by” information on any of their materials. Maybe you should ask them what special interest money is funding their race because it appears to be a complete secret.

    Finally, I do not understand whether your objection to our uncovering the legal issues regarding Dr. Nemickas’ inaccurate Statement of Economic Interest and his actual conflict of interest is because he is “prominent” or simply because we uncovered them. Surely, you do not mean to suggest that his “prominence” exempts him from the law? Is that what you’d like to teach our children?

    • A person who puts themselves out there to serve is by definition prominent in the community. This does not necessarily mean they are ethical in their dealings and it certainly does not place them above the law. The actions of ALL the candidates will be judged by our community.

      When you made allegations against another candidate, he investigated the issue, conferred with counsel and responded publicly, but professionally. When you are confronted with clear violations of privacy and property rights (improper use of private email and trademark infringement) you blame those you have violated, misdirect and engage in personal attacks. See http://www.ncaa.org/championships/marketing/ncaa-trademarks

      Since you invited it, let me be clear in my reply to you and by their silence your running-mates:
      · I unsubscribe to your characterization of our children as “entitled” and subscribe to the view that their futures won’t be constrained by the narrow minds of a few;

      · I unsubscribe from your negativity and bitterness and subscribe to a positive and hopeful future for our school; and

      · I unsubscribe from your cynical agenda and offer only gratitude to those willing to serve our community’s best interests.

      Your conduct in this election actually makes the best possible argument for the use of a caucus system. An objective, balanced, community representative form of vetting that encourages participation in the process and discourages the rancor of contested elections. I urge all registered voters to discourage this kind of conduct in future elections by turning out in record numbers to vote in this election and to consider participation in the caucus or one of the many boards/commissions. Please remember, if you have children 18 or older they can register AND vote at your local polling place tomorrow Tuesday April 4, 2017.

      • … and I encourage anyone to go to the Caucus and say “I disagree with what you are doing, and I want to join your group to change some things around here. Now… put me in a position of power so I can implement my agenda and we can avoid the rancor of a general election.”

        Let us know how that works out for you. I think having a general election where the people decide is healthier for the community than living with single party rule where only 40 people have a say. We all should be able to agree on that.

        Here’s a little secret the Caucus keeps from everyone. Many of the Caucus members don’t agree with the agenda and tactics used by the Caucus leaders, but they are afraid to speak out. After seeing how the challengers have been treated by the Caucus and it’s more energetic supporters, it’s easy to see why.

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