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  1. Dear Mrs. Blondell,

    I have been actively involved in the schools for the better part of the last twelve years, and I have worked with many teachers, with the current administrators and with members of the school board for D67 and D115. I am 100% confident that our schools are in good hands.

    I would like to know if any of the Final Four candidates have been involved in our schools as volunteers working in roles that interact with teachers and/or administrators (such as the APT, Foundation Boards. Education Committee? I have worked with the administrators and school board members and teachers to determine future plans as well as resolve conflicts. I fully support our current administration.

    In regards to our caucus, your letter states that it operates with “no citizen involvement or input.” This statement is completely false. Our caucus is comprised entirely of citizens from our community. How can the caucus have no citizen involvement or input if the caucus is in fact “citizens from our community? All registered voters are members of the Caucus. Candidates for open positions in the community are interviewed by local Ward members, who are citizens of our community elected to their roles by citizens in our community. Candidate selections are made on a non-partisan basis and are determined by an individual’s qualifications, knowledge of the issues facing the position they seek, their level of commitment, their level of civility and their interest to serve. This selection criteria seems in line with the values of our community.

    While I do not support the candidates you are supporting, I agree that it is wonderful to see so many citizens actively participating in our community. I encourage people to also volunteer IN our schools. We have many opportunities for citizens to work with students, such as being a mentor for the Business Incubator Class at LFHS. If you spend time inside our schools, you will see the innovative ways our school is helping all students to achieve their potential. I encourage you to continue your participation in the community beyond just voting in this election.

    Martha Zeeman

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