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  1. Mr. Uihlein,

    While we have never met, I am are of your generosity towards the Lake Forest community. Like many others in this community, I am grateful for your generosity. I sincerely say thank you.

    My husband attended LFHS and we are the parents of two children currently at LFHS, as well as one at DPM. Prior to this school board election cycle, I never would have publicly boasted about my own children, but because of the misinformation the candidates you support are distributing, I feel compelled to share my own story. One of my children is a National Merit Scholarship Finalist. He has had an excellent education in LF public schools. He is a hard worker, but he couldn’t have achieved all of his academic success without the support of caring teachers and an excellent school.

    As a former President of the Spirit of 67 Foundation, I have personally worked closely with teachers and the current administrators of our schools. I have worked extensively with our Superintendent, Michael Simeck, on many issues. Mr. Simeck is an innovative leader who cares deeply about the success and emotional wellness of all students in D67 and D115. Is our school perfect? No, but I strongly believe that our schools are in good hands. While I respect your contributions to our community, I also strongly believe that our school board should be comprised of people who are running to serve the community as independent voices and as representatives of our entire community, not as a slate of four people with an agenda backed by the finances of one individual.


    Martha Zeeman

  2. Mr. Uihlein:

    I respect anyone who is willing to put their money where their mouth is and you , sir deserve tremendous credit for doing so. That said, I am willing to bet your understanding of the facts is limited at best. Should you wish to discuss at any time, please let me know – breakfast is on me.

    John Powers
    Vice President, District 115 Board of Education

  3. Can you state specifically what is being sacrificed by the current board and administration? I haven’t seen any evidence from the candidates you are supporting.

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