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  1. “First, rest assured that the sky is not falling.”

    I can assure you that, fiscally speaking, the sky IS falling in Illinois. You’re new here and maybe no one told you about the unfunded pension liabilities which are exploding and consuming everything in the State. This is commonly referred to as a “fiscal death spiral”. The pensions are protected by a Constitutional amendment which makes it impossible to renegotiate payments no matter how heavy the burden gets on those paying the bill. The State is seriously considering dumping the liability back on local communities, which will drive up property taxes and lower your home value. Effectively what is happening is that your new home value will be converted into pension payments. No one is talking about this, because, well, they get destroyed if they suggest that there should be SOME limit on how much we spend per student. So welcome to Illinois! I hope you brought a fat wallet.

    Tracking simply tries to make sure that highly talented or highly motivated students can be challenged while also ensuring that other students are not asked to do more than they are willing or capable of doing. No one is saying that a student should be locked into a single track for the rest of their life. The Final Four are trying to make sure we don’t let feel-good social engineering erode our standards.

    You accuse the Final Four of being sensationalist while in the same breath say they are being “regressive” and “authoritarian” on this issue. You use the tactics you decry and it undermines everything else you say. Again, I’ll ask the community what common ground can be found with someone who thinks like this? Would Lise feel obligated to compromise with people she disagrees with?

    The problem is not that we disagree, but that one side demonizes the other so that they can justify locking them out of the process of educating their own children. This is the problem, and it needs to end. The Caucus and their supporters need to stop dehumanizing anyone who disagrees with their agenda and actively seek out the “extremists” they have successfully marginalized and try to include them in the process of governing. Until then, vote for the challengers.

  2. Lisa, welcome to the District 115 community, and thank you for such a thoughtful letter. Although you have been in our community for less than a year, your assessment of the schools and this school board race are absolutely spot-on, and much appreciated.

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