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  1. Please provide evidence of any racist rants by the Final Four. You will not be able to because it didn’t happen.

    The rest of Ms. Schabacker-Koppel’s post is as credible as her initial false accusation of racism.

  2. Ms. Schabacker-Koppel’s letter, barely worth reply is rife with untruths, speculation about made-up facts and just plain silliness.

    What isn’t silly, however, is her accusation that the Final 4 candidates on the April 4th ballot for LFHS have engaged in “racist rants”. She just made that up. In her promiscuous use of the term, however, she has diminished true victims of racism and cheapened their struggle. Her cavalier use of the term–while unjust for us, is repulsive and demeaning toward them.

    Finally, in an attempt to shore up the scandal plagued Caucus slate, she tries to drag the good name of other prominent, charitable community members supporting us Final 4 through the mud. I think the community will see this for what it is: desperation unshackled from principles.
    Learn about us at: lfhs4.com.

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