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  1. Ms. Darraugh has obviously not investigated the Dial-a-Ride service which she criticized in our debate last weekend. Shields Township has a coordinated system with Libertyville and Fremont Townships, the Central Lake Dial a Ride, with additional destinations outside of our townships. We are initiating conversations with Vernon Township through our participation with LCCTSC (Lake County Coordinated Transportation Services Committee). This has been a multi-year effort, working with other transportation providers, users, and the County. We received a $327,000 grant from the RTA and Lake County (50%-50%) to initiate this pilot program. When I started the Shields program, I was able to negotiate a 75% subsidy from Pace, which they are not giving out any more. If the Shields program is amended or goes away, this subsidy will be lost to Shields residents. Our expenditures on transportation have gone from about $52,000 annually, when I started as Supervisor, to about $8,500 with the system I developed with cooperation with other townships and the County. Dial-a-Ride is of crucial importance as a piece of the transportation network of services to our seniors and people with disabilities.

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