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  1. Janine, I’m sorry you feel that way. I assure you that each of us running is independent and my opinion statement was merely my effort to show the voting constituents how I think and work in a team and how I would operate as a member of the school board. I fully expect that all eight candidates running in the D115 election would bring their own thoughts and perspectives to the School Board. This will strengthen the function of the Board in its role of providing oversight and guidance to the administration and keeping the community well-informed on D115 matters. I would like the opportunity to represent you and our neighbors. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to respond. Best, Patrick

    Kati, thank you for giving me the opportunity to respond to you. As a fellow concerned parent, I’ve had a lot of questions – questions about changes to the curriculums and course structures, questions about academic performance data, questions about our spending decisions in absolute form and relative to our peers. These are all fair questions that concerned parents and taxpayers should have a right to know and understand. So I agree with you and think it’s a shame that FOIA requests are required to see facts that involve our children and our tax dollars. We should all be willing to share and analyze data together so that we can make informed decisions. I have not attacked the principal, the school and our community. Rather, I look forward to serving on the school board to collaborate with all of these stakeholders to align on what’s working well and drive improvement where needed. Thank you for the dialogue and comments. Let me know if you have further questions. Best, Patrick

  2. Patrick Marshall. This is quite interesting letter given you are a member of the slate spewing viscous attacks on the caucus approved slate. It is a veiled attempt at swaying voters. your slate has consistently spread fake information by going to Fox News and spreading a very dishonest media presentation.

    • Catherine Driscoll got this election cycle started by accusing the Final Four of being “white supremacists” and Richard Chun of the Caucus recently compared them to Putin, so the Caucus supporters are in no position to accuse anyone of spewing vicious attacks. In fact the Caucus supporters have perfected the politics of personal destruction. The Caucus and it’s supporters should stick to the issues as the Final Four are doing.

      If you are referring to the conflict of interest issue with Dr. Nemickas, then you should know that is a matter of law, and it’s pretty clear the law was violated. The fact that Dr. Nemickas and the Caucus choose to continue with his candidacy shows that they are not bothered by conflicts of interest and are willing to put their quest for power above the rule of law. I think this is a good indication of how they will govern if elected. The people of Lake Forest/Bluff should decide if they want that kind of leadership. It’s a good thing the Final Four are giving us a choice.

  3. Mr. Marshall, it’s disappointing that you chose to align yourself with the Final Four, as you strike me as the only member of your group going on record with anything other than Jennifer Neubauer’s talking points. What was your reasoning in joining their group? Are you willing to stand behind their attacks on our principal, our school, and our community? Do you support their gratuitous FOIA requests that have wasted an untold number of taxpayer funded hours (I would get an exact number and an idea of the impact it had on staffing, but dont want to waste more of their time with yet another FOIA request)? Our mutual friends speak highly of you and I find it difficult to believe you are fully on board with the tactics used by Neubauer and Mannix. Why don’t you condemn their actions and show yourself as the person of principal many in this community know you to be?

    • Are you really complaining that we have people in this community who demand to know what’s going on in our government? Why would anyone push back against that? Why does it cost so much money to release information on what the school administration is doing? I think it’s a good thing that citizens are watching our elected officials. Don’t you?

      • I believe that when the FOIA requests from one organization require a staffer working non-stop to fulfill the requests, it’s a bit excessive and the taxpayer resources would be better served elsewhere. I also think it’s funny that the Final Four constantly uses the word “transparency”, but refuses to share where they got their email lists and won’t answer questions that don’t give them an opportunity to trash our school or their opponents.

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