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  1. Mr. Chun, I think you are making Ms. Beck’s point. Why didn’t the Lake Forest Caucus, with all its donations and volunteers, know of this conflict? Or why didn’t they know?

    And more to the point, why didn’t Dr. Nemickas, who must certainly have known? As an owner of Illinois Bone & Joint Institute, this contract was a constant source of lucrative referrals. And still, the Caucus website proudly brags of his ownership role at IBJI which is confirmed by file number 01689223 of the Illinois Secretary of State registration for IBJI.

    But then, a DNS article quotes him saying, “I resigned from the Board of Directors and Managing Partner of my division as of January 1, 2017,” which contradicts the Caucus website. But he does seems to be aware that non-disclosure of inside-dealing is a crime.

    And Vote Lake Bluff is no better. They masquerade on FaceBook as the Lake Bluff School Caucus, an organization that resolved it, “will be disbanded and have no further operations” six months before Mr. Dave Lane was even a candidate. I know because I was the terminal President of the Lake Bluff School Caucus.

    Dave Lane knows that Vote Lake Bluff has no right to speak with the voice of the Lake Bluff School Caucus, but this is the same Dave Lane who made a charge of “vitriol” during the LWV debate. His charge was the only vitriol during that event, as anyone who watches it can plainly see.

    I suppose it is natural for institutional candidates like Dr. Nemickas and Mr. Lane to claim a breezy sort of sovereign immunity. Rules are for little people, right? Well the Final Four and their five donors are little people who are playing by the rules. They certainly are a breath of fresh air.

    • Don, as you are well-aware, the Lake Bluff School Caucus voted to merge with VOTE Lake Bluff, and the Administrative Committee voted that the LBSC Facebook page needed to inform their followers through the 4/4/2017 election cycle.

      The VOTE Administrative Committee has the responsibility of providing information to the public and ensuring the public understands how the past LBSC merger continues to be important. The attendees of the Town Meetings this past December had a voice and they selected the Right Track LFHS-aligned candidates. This process was more inclusive than the past LBSC process, and hopefully, this merger with VOTE Lake Bluff will transition candidate recruitment to what best serves the public going forward… which is the VOTE Lake Bluff mission. Postings to the LBSC Facebook page and VOTE Lake Bluff website and Facebook page reflect that.

      Robin Huszagh– Lake Bluff School Caucus Precinct Leader and current VOTE Lake Bluff Administrative Committee Volunteer

      • Mrs. Huszagh, imagine three burglars standing in your living room explaining to the Lake Bluff Police, “It’s alright, officer. We voted an it was unanimous.”

        Sounds like a cartoon form the New Yorker, right? You cannot vote to give yourself something that you are not entitled to.

        The Lake Bluff School Caucus vowed to “be disbanded and have no further operations” knowing that the nomination process would be continued in a more democratic and transparent form by Vote Lake Bluff. And with that, The Lake Bluff School Caucus ended its less democratic and opaque nomination process.

        Does Vote Lake Bluff now claim that less democratic and opaque process? Is that how you know what candidates might have been endorsed by the Lake Bluff School Caucus a half-year after it was disbanded? How exactly did Vote Lake Bluff determine that the defunct Lake Bluff School Caucus wouuld not support the Final Four?

        And, more importantly, how is it that your candidate, Mr. Dave Lane, has not rejected this unearned endorsement? He was privy to the whole controversy, but he remains silent as Vote Lake Bluff usurps the Lake Bluff School Caucus.

        Perhaps he learned to let other people make specious claims on his behalf when his vapid charge of “vitriol” at the LWV debate backfired. Do we really want a candidate who refuses to take a moral stand?

        Likewise, how can he remain silent about the self-dealing of his running mate? Mr. Lane approved the lucrative contract for Dr. Nemickas that he failed to disclose and has resulted in a stream of referrals for the doctor’s practice.

        It is a good thing that Vote Lake Bluff now makes school nominations instead of the Lake Bluff School Caucus. But, Mrs. Huszagh, you tarnish the reputation of Vote Lake Bluff when you employ desperate campaign tactics to maintain your tarnished candidate, Mr. Lane.

        • Don, The Lake Bluff School Caucus voted to “disband and have no further operations” as a stand-alone organization because it consolidated its operations and activities with VOTE Lake Bluff. The LBSC Facebook page includes both the original LBSC and VOTE Lake Bluff logos along with full disclosure that the site has been taken over by the VOTE Lake Bluff newly-combined group, and further directs viewers to check out the VOTE Lake Bluff Facebook page and website. Immediately upon that merger, a vote was taken to keep the LBSC Facebook page up and accessible to its followers through the April 4, 2017 Consolidated Election to ensure full transparency for those still seeking valuable information from the LBSC. Mergers and consolidations require a period of integration after completion and the public should be notified.

          Traditionally the Lake Bluff School Caucus (now called VOTE Lake Bluff) and the Lake Forest Caucus have worked together to recruit and fill vacancies on the D115 School Board through an informal agreement that 2 out of 7 total D115 School Board positions would be filled by Lake Bluff / Knollwood / Unincorporated Lake Bluff residents. The December 7th VOTE Lake Bluff Town Meeting (for the April 4th Consolidated Election) attendees selected Dave Lane through both a democratic and opaque process. All residents were invited to participate in the Town Halls.

          The Final Four candidates did not seek Lake Forest Caucus endorsement, and none of those candidates live in the Lake Bluff area. It will be up to the Lake Bluff voters to cast their individual votes for these Lake Bluff candidates if they feel Dave Lane and Sally Davis are doing a great job as a current board member. I do! Even though both the Lake Bluff and Lake Forest Caucus have selected these two Lake Bluff residents in the past, and the Lake Forest Caucus continues to honor the informal agreement, it has always been up to the voters to decide on election day who they want to support. Many Lake Bluff residents feel having representation on the board is critical.

          Dave Lane, Sally Davis, and the Right Track LFHS/Lake Forest Caucus nominated candidates Tom Nemickas and Ted Moorman will get my vote on April 4th. I like the direction of our current D115 School Board and the changes being made to address the varied needs of the students while ensuring our tax dollars are spent wisely.

  2. I find this to be complete hypocrisy when the Final Four has vetted no one and hand picked their own candidates. Vetting is done by the Caucus, a group of 43 men and women of registered Lake Forest Voters. There is also Vote Lake Bluff, who vets their own candidates. The School Board search began in May with public notices placed in local media. Where was the Final Four’s call to the public to fill their slate? Where was the Final four’s vetting of their candidates. The answer is: There was no public notice and the final four slate was hand picked.

    The Final Four has hired a political consulting company whose only objective is to confuse and make false claims. I do not buy into their propaganda. No Putins allowed here.

    Instead of complaining about the process, Susan Beck, join the Caucus. It is open to any registered voter of Lake Forest. Our caucus Alumni include past and present Alderman, Mayors, city board and commission members, parents, teachers, volunteers, moms, dads, grandparents, men, women, working moms, working dads, working parents.

    As you can see, the Lake Forest Caucus members represent a very wide and diverse representation of our City. This broad group of volunteers is the best to represent the interest of our City. Thus, the Caucus system was adopted by our City in 1935.

    The Final Four was established in 2017 with 5 donors. The Caucus has over 150 donors alone this year — the 150 not including the volunteers and donors from Vote Lake Bluff (formerly the Lake Bluff Caucus).

    The perpetuation and misrepresentation of your erroneous facts and your misleading propaganda will not serve the Final Four candidates.

    • Putin? Ex-KGB thug and murderer?

      What’s next, comparing the Final 4 to Hitler?

      You are a Lake Forest Caucus Committee officer. You personally filed Dr. Nemickas’ Statement of Economic Interest. With your desperate name-calling to deflect those unfortunate facts, you have disgraced whatever honor that institution had left. I feel sorry for the good people associated with it.

    • Richard is confusing “hypocrisy” with “democracy”. The Final Four have brought democracy to Lake Forest/Bluff. Without the efforts of the Final Four there would be no democracy because everyone on the ballot would already have been chosen by a mere 43 people leaving the voters with no choice in the general election. It is very unhealthy for a community to be governed by a single political party, especially when the leadership of that party looks out at the larger community and imagines a Russian under every bed and a Klansman in every closet whenever they are challenged. This kind of bunker mentality makes for poor leadership because anyone who thinks like this will not listen to those who disagree with them, and they will not feel obligated to compromise on any issue. They can not claim to represent the entire community, and they don’t.

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