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  1. The Final Four have branded themselves as a “like-minded” slate of candidates who, rather than stating transparently and coherently what they are for, have employed scorched-earth campaign tactics attacking the current state of affairs in D115. Those of us who have been following the commentaries of this group for two years are well aware of what they DON’T want, as they have been very persistent in trash-talking the current principal and superintendent. But the real question is what exactly DO they want? The voters deserve to know. And we are way too smart to fall for false narratives and manipulation of statistics. So let’s hear it, folks. What do you specifically propose to make our high school better? What exactly are you “like-minded” about?

    The Final Four should stop hiding behind smear tactics that divide our community and make us look bad. Perhaps the slow housing market is partially due to this kind of negative PR, which was spearheaded by one of their own during a contentious hiring process and has continued with them recently orchestrating coverage of a ridiculous story on a local news channel (I have received confirmation through email with one of the candidates that the Final Four planted the story to “obtain the widest possible audience” for their opinion, and I will gladly share the email with anyone who wants to question this.). Having this stuff all over the Internet and news makes our community look small-minded and out of touch with reality. The world is a diverse place, and our schools should reflect that.

    It bears noting that, despite repeated attacks on her character, Dr. Holland has never once reciprocated. Why? Because she’s clearly the consummate professional who recognizes that such divisive behavior is counterproductive to the important work of educating our children. Voters need to know that The Final Four have a vendetta. Their dissatisfaction with the current administration is well-documented. Google it. If elected, they will not approach their positions with the mutual respect that is imperative to a productive working relationship. Because they have not presented anything of substance to prove otherwise, I must assume they are a one-issue slate of candidates, intent on replacing the current administration rather than collaborating with them for the good of our kids.

    As a former public school teacher and mother, I am well are of my priorities for D115, and they do not include electing candidates who rely on negativity and division to get their message out. I will be supporting the Right Track.

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