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  1. The League of Women Voters will be hosting a contested-candidate debate at 1:30 on Sunday, March 12th, at the Lake Forest High School to present contenders for Lake Forest High School D115 Board of Education. This may be the only opportunity for many voters to see the candidates in person, answering questions from the debate moderator and the audience. This debate format helps to further engage our community in the selection of candidates for positions of trust and responsibility, and allows voters to better understand each candidate’s unique personality, ideas, leadership style, ability to communicate, and how they will use their past experiences to contribute positively to the position they seek to fill. Might be best to attend and hear from the candidates themselves…

  2. You state they plan to fire Dr Holland. What proof do you have of such a massive remark ? I’ve heard nothing of the sort from that group.

    • Here are two things to consider:
      1) All of a sudden, when LFHS hired a black principal, a special watchdog group formed from some of the most vocal opponents to her hiring.
      2) The group targeted Dr. Holland directly in a recent Fox News piece about her song.

      • I don understand how they targeted Dr Holland. Did she release this song – which many find inappropriate .

        Do we have proof or a statement they will fire her ? I don’t think so. I’ve heard they have no issues and are looking forward to working with her which is great

        I think everyone needs to know their facts before slinging. It’s very unfair.

  3. “They were the engine behind the disgraceful public displays of intolerance and inflammatory rhetoric at the two meetings the school board held in June 2015 to allow public input in the hiring process.”

    There were NO disgraceful displays of intolerance or inflammatory rhetoric at either meeting. Please provide the video evidence if you have it. Of course you will not be able to, because it didn’t happen. Nothing even close to your description occurred. I was at both meetings and to a person, everyone who spoke did so with respect, intelligence, eloquence, and decency. I am proud to call those people my neighbors and I protest your slander of those good people.

    If the supporters of the Caucus candidates are willing to fabricate lies to smear their opponents, then what else are they making up to fool the rest of us?

    • Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t lie. But since Mr. Finley does not know me, here’s the basis for that statement.

      The school board held two meetings for public input on Dr Holland’s hiring, one in the morning on May 25, 2015 (to accommodate the schedules of all the board members) and one in the evening on June 9, 2015. There’s no video of the first one because LFTV couldn’t get there at that time. Video of the second meeting is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUKE2a_jA0U

      In my opinion, the first meeting had a more disruptive tone than the second. Most people who spoke at either meeting did so in a calm tone of voice, it’s true. But despite the board president’s attempts to maintain order, there was a great deal of applause and vocal commentary from the sometimes raucous audience.

      I have held elected office for 12 of the 30 years I’ve lived in this community and been involved in countless public meetings both in and out of office, and the meeting on May 25 was the first time I’d ever been shouted down by a crowd. I wasn’t speaking in favor of the hiring; I was only asking that people let the elected board do its job. But I wasn’t able to finish my comments because of the booing and shouting.

      Dr. Holland was in the audience at both meetings, exhibiting a remarkable stoicism in light of the fact that she was being publicly raked over the coals. Speakers questioned her integrity in almost every way possible, doubting whether she actually had a doctorate, assuming that she was only accepted at Northwestern because she was an athlete, painting her as a militant, and much more.

      I suppose “disgraceful” is in the eye of the beholder, and no doubt the people who behaved in this way were proud of themselves. But it was very far from the kind of fact-based civil discourse I know this community is capable of.

      • So applause and vocal protests against thinly veiled accusations of racism count as “disgraceful public displays of intolerance and inflammatory rhetoric”? I suppose “lies” are in the eye of the beholder as well. I stand by my statement. I am proud of the way the people of Lake Forest behaved, even while being intentionally provoked under very tense circumstances.

        Chala Holland’s own web site painted her as a militant and much more. I hope we can agree that genuine “inflammatory rhetoric” was all over that web site. People have very good reasons to be concerned. If you are not prepared to defend everything that was on her web site before it was taken down, then you should not bring it up.

        Tell me, how can we have a “fact based civil discourse” when simply disagreeing with the school board brings out accusations of “disgraceful intolerance”, “inflammatory rhetoric” and “white supremacy”? What common ground can be found with someone who thinks like that? Right now, all the nasty accusations and flame throwing are coming from one side.

        If the school board thinks like you do, and believes that everyone who disagrees with their politically charged decisions is a racist, then how can they claim to represent everyone in the community? All the “racists” who speak up are locked out of the process of educating their children, right? That’s the battle you seem to be fighting right now.

        A questionable political/ideological decision is made…
        … forcing people to speak out …
        … the fact that anyone spoke out is used as justification for the original decision …
        … and so the cycle begins again.

        Do you see the danger in this kind of self-justifying circular thinking?

        • Bravo Gary. You are brave for standing up for the truth. It’s very sad that this fine community is burying the truth and using the race card. I think many will see thru these tactics by the ” right track”

          • Standing up for the truth? The final four is skewing statistics and putting fictional numbers and alternate facts out there. Finley is a member of the Lake Forest School Watch group which alwas formed immediately after Dr. Holland was hired. There is no truth here, just a desire to push an undesirable agenda and stop positive change at the high school.

        • The final four state that they are like minded and have plans for change, but are very cryptic in their responses when interviewed; pointing to websites and providing canned answers – will they be participating in the debate so we can hear information on their plans? If they are like minded then they should be able to share the themes to their similarity, rather than sharing statistics- speak to the future and what they envision. Those of us with young children in the district are looking toward the future.

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