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  1. Why would CARE want to get Davis on city council if they only care about Ravinia School (as this poster has repeatedly–and wrongly–claimed)? Wouldn’t it make more sense to get Davis on the D112 board? We’ve already seen that city council won’t do anything about school issues, so it seems a little ridiculous to claim CARE is “trying to get their hands on City Council.” When I compare the crisp thinking and eloquence of Schecter’s letter to this fragmented note about the “Caucus endorsee’s,” I’m all the more certain that I’ll follow Schecter’s recommendation and vote for Davis. Maybe the D112 caucus should rethink its publicity chair for the year.

  2. Another endorsement from A Care Political party member directed to a CARE member. Care wants Davis to win so they can get their hands on the City Council. Do Not vote for him, vote for the Caucus endorsee’s

    • 2017 – Good point. I’ll make sure to write-in the 112 Caucus Endorsed Candidates for city council. Are you sure you’re not with the CARE group? I’m beginning to think you’re part of a sinister CARE plot to make them look good so they can get their hands on the city council, the 10th district and ultimately the world. Thanks!

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