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  1. This comment is for Julie Kemp Pick who wrote the cover story, entitled “Be My Valentine” of the Weekend :Northbrook/Glenview. The article regarding the long married couple Schloss’s was heartwarming and I enjoyed learning of them. I felt the need to write to you because I felt a connection when YouTube mentioned Mrs. Schloss’s early dancing career with the Muriel Abbott Dancers! I must tell you the actual name of this dance troop was Merriel Abbott, named for the women who was the dance troop founder. My mother was pregnant with me during the heyday of the The Palmer House’s Merriel Abbott Dancers. She was wanting a name that began with an “M” and fell in love with the name spelled Merriel. That is my name! I was as a child, not happy with my unusual name! Finally I wrote to Ms. Abbott and she replied with her personalized stationary, saying her grandfather’s name was Merrill and her family feminized it spelling it as Merriel‼ not Muriel, a far more common spelling and pronounced quite differently😊 All these years later I have grown into my name have received many complements for its uniqueness! Ms. Abbott sounded like a lovely women as does Mrs. Schloss.

    • Merriel, Thank you for the kind words and for sharing your talented namesake with us. When Julie wrote the story she checked the spelling and saw the school listed as Muriel Abbott School of Dance. After reading your comment, she checked it again and found both spellings of the name. She is glad you’ll always have a connection to Merriel Abbott, and says she’ll always have a connection to the Palmer House, as she and her husband were married there.

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