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  1. My son attended the seminar last year and thought it was engaging. He is looking forward to the program this year. Sorry to hear students felt forced to attend; I have been impressed with the quality and content of many of NTs programs and speakers.

  2. An excellent and well-articulated argument for offering students the option for attending this event. Although I personally feel there is no harm in making it mandatory (no more harm than, say, requiring students to endure more than a decade of purely Eurocentric public education in the safe confines of their largely white community), but allowing students to decide whether they have the intellectual and emotional fortitude to immerse themselves in a range of black issues and emerge unharmed — enlightened, even — would speak to both the school’s and their own parents’ faith in them. I have offered the school our support of the event, and we hope it moves forward as planned, in spite of the opposition’s belief there is some kind of left-wing indoctrination at work.

  3. Oh, please. You have zero basis for claiming the opposition is small. Nobody really knows how large it is because most opponents stay silent in fear of controversy, retribution and the extraordinarily ugly attacks from many of the seminar’s supporters. The best evidence of what students think isn’t how many letters you’ve gotten, it’s that 40% didn’t attend last year. Many that did attend were forced to, and spent their time on their cellphones and doing other things. Then you link the opposition to Breitbart, the standard tactic for the left whenever they see something they don’t like, a backhanded way of implying some kind of alt right white supremacy is at work.. Worst of all, you claim this is an opportunity for critical thinking. That’s precisely why the seminar is a farce. It would be easy to list dozens of topics that could be on the agenda — even if you just stuck to moderate ones — that would have allowed students to get a genuine range of ideas to consider.

    • The writers of this article are New Trier students, expressing their opinions of all the parent controversy surrounded the event. When I read the article, what I hear is a respectful request to let the students, not the parents, do the majority of the talking.

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