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  1. This is old news. This information was presented in December. Why bother publishing it two months later? Nothing to see here…

    • Hey, Waytogo, This isn’t old news. The election is April 4th and early voting begins March 2oth. Clearly something in this article triggered your response. Worried about something? Other candidates keep reappearing in the news and on FB though paid-for posts. Does that earn your disapproval too?

      • Hey Larry – How do you reach the conclusion waytogo is “reporting for” or representing CARE? I too think this person’s comment is uncalled for & foolish. As someone who has previously supported the missions of CARE – this person doesn’t speak for me. Both of you are being totally unproductive. If you really want to know what CARE thinks – go to the website. Everything you want to know is stated there – plain & simple. Those whose choose to interact with each other on the site can and do in a civil manner even if they do disagree on issues. Any questions? CARE will respond to any question or concern you may have quickly and in a straightforward manner. If you’re disappointed the referendum didn’t pass and BDR3 was stopped – I must remind you the community was overwhelming against these poorly conceived & misguided proposals that would have strapped future generations with financially reckless debt service and negatively impacted the social fabric community in so many ways as well.
        I believe we have entered a new era of collaboration and respect for all viewpoints that will eventually lead to a financially responsible & educationally sound reconfiguration plan that will respect the community’s overwhelming desire for the neighborhood school model as much as possible. This is the only way the next referendum will pass. For sure everyone will need to make compromises – but I’m confident we’ll get there.

        • Its very simple, Care now has endorsed 112 candidates even though the Caucus which represents all of HP has always been the endorsee. On top of that Care is also endorsing a candidate for City Council. If that is not political than please explain. They did a good job getting rid of BDR3, not let the 2.0 continue the effort and Care back out

          • Just to be sure. CARE is registered as a Political Action Committee with their mission focused on “citizens actively renewing education” – not the city council race. Furthermore, please point out on the CARE website where they are endorsing Davis Schneiderman for city council. I briefly checked before writing this, but maybe I missed something. CARE has been extremely supportive of the 2.0 committee mission from the get go – unlike the school board under the leadership of past President Cohn which denigrated and obstructed the committee’s work from day one (I invite anyone to check out the video stream of past meetings which are posted on the 112 website if you don’t believe me). As a matter of fact, 2 of the candidates endorsed by CARE serve on the 2.0 committee. Used to be 3 until politics/sound board chitchat made things uncomfortable enough for Brent Ross where he thought it would be best to step down. Brent was also endorsed by the 112 Caucus. I also think 2.0 committee members Dan Jenks & Art Kessler are very qualified candidates – but choices have to be made. They didn’t earn CARE’s endorsement as they were strong supporters of the referendum and were late to the game in opposing BDR3.

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