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  1. Prove to us all that they want to fire Chala and that any white supremacy is going on

    Those accusations are SLANDER

    and only make you look like the racist

    Same old liberal tune….call them racists….

    Guess what….Trump killed that story line….try another one….its OLD!

  2. Some folks are only “tolerant” when you agree with their opinions. That is a pretty nasty accusation by Ms. Driscoll…

  3. Let’s be clear about what the Final Four candidates really want – to fire African-American LFHS principal Dr. Challa Holland and bring a white supremicists ideology to the LFHS School Board. Shockingly, this is happening in school districts across the country as part of a national ground game sponsored by Breitbart News and other like-minded groups. (Research New Trier High School’s diversity day controversy for another local example.)

    This type of hate-mongering is not acceptable in Lake Forest and Lake Bluff.

    The Right Track candidates are solid conservatives, equally represent Lake Forest and Lake Bluff (all Final Four are from LF), and were substantially vetted by the Caucus prior to being approved. Read their resumes.

    We don’t need drama in our school board. We need thoughtful, logical and responsible community members who value our community and the culture of excellence that’s been established at Lake Forest High School.

    Note: All residents need to make plans to vote in this election. The timing is awful – the election is April 4, the Tuesday following spring break. If you’re going to be out of town, vote early (beginning March 20 at City of LF) or request an absentee ballot now. We cannot leave our school district to chance. Vote.

    • First you accuse the Final Four is being white supremacists , and then immediately say you don’t want hate mongering in this community. I think we can all agree that your brand of hate mongering is not welcome in Lake Forest.

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