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  1. If you are relying on CareerBuilder for your next career opportunity, you are looking in the wrong places. You need to focus on networking and reaching out to as many relevant recruiters that can be found on LinkedIn. Treat your job search as a full time job and develop a sense of urgency. The traditional methods of sending your resume to a company and then waiting doesn’t work. Realize that your friends and other people you know want to help you find a job. You need to start the conversation about looking and if they know of any companies that are hiring. Good luck.

  2. I am exactly in the group you are defining. 50 and looking for a job. It is tough, but instead of whining about it you need to keep pushing. If you are qualified you will find something. Also, as I look back on my career there were decisions I made that effect me today. Not completing my MBA. Moving out of Finance into Sales. While I had some great years of commissions I knew it was risky. What the hell are Rahm and Bruce and Brad going to do about it. If I were them I would say why didn’t you get your MBA? Why didn’t you stay in Finance? You really think they are going to feel sorry for people living in nice houses on the North Shore while people are getting shot and living in poverty just 20 miles away? Go open a business, network with friends and colleagues, take a training course, etc. Don’t feel sorry for me!

    • Bobby C, I did get an MBA , did everything I was told to do and am not afraid to disclose my full name. Also I am not dismissing inner city or rural poverty (which already has many voices), but rather addressing and trying to solve a hidden issue. I did not ask you to feel sorry for anyone, but if this problem persists this will be first generation of college graduates where millions will be living in poverty for decades.

  3. One of the public policy implications is funding for grants and loans for retraining. Downsizing firms or corporations who are closing should also consider retraining in addition to severance, but my observation over the years has been that corporations make the smallest severance payments that they are obligated to make. Corporations and firms are very pyramid based and hierarchical, so that as we proceed through them, smaller numbers of management and professionals advance. When I was in college, I was taught that the average worker in the 20th or 21st century would change careers 5 times. That is a great deal of change, and the real issue is that there are very few funds available for retraining. Making this a corporate obligation as employees are let go would be a “regulation” but it in fact is a “protection” for workers. If it is not a national plan, states will compete on who can make the state the cheapest for employers. There is too little protection for the middle class because we care so much that corporations are not over-regulated. I do think that older workers are valued, however. I observe and hear from many employees that younger workers lack loyalty and work ethic, so hang in there. You will find the right match.

    • Thank you Robin. I need a lot of help if you or anyone you know is willing. The silence of those affected, lack of media coverage, and reluctance of politicians to take bold decisive action must change.

      • I’ve been writing letters to many holding public offices about the healthcare situation and your concerns have been on my mind as well! Yes, a group of concerned citizens is needed to address this issue and make an impact now, with so many changes happening so quickly! I posted your letter to my Facebook timeline yesterday. It’s a start…

        • I read that article too and I agree with you. Thanks for sharing on Facebook. I have contacted media, local and national politicians, and business leaders. If ageism and the way people are hired isn’t corrected millions will require Medicaid. Even many people with good jobs will not be able to retire. This needs to go viral like the Women’s March or it will be ignored. Many more women than men (even those who I know are affected) have come forward because they are ashamed.

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