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  1. “Stolberg said, “If Dr. Bregy did approve it — nobody asked me.” She explained that the reason this is now “coming to the surface” is because there was a “little brouhaha” on the D-112 Sounding Board Facebook page”. Enough said.
    Dan Weil resigned from 2.0 in December because “I was witnessing a bunch of people, some with good intentions, going through an education that I had already been through and I didn’t feel comfortable committing to another year for myself or for my family,” he said. “It wasn’t a rejection of 2.0.” Just “some with good intentions” on 2.0? What did you do with your “education”? You led the charge for the worst conceived plan for reconfiguration imaginable that would have decimated our town for generations. Thank goodness change is coming.

  2. As a member of the 56 person Caucus sponsored by the 112 PTO/PTA, I don’t remember Brent Ross , when he was making his pitch to us saying that he was against new buildings. If I missed him saying that I hope other Caucus members will correct me. If he didn’t say it and that is what he believes in, I wonder if we would have still voted him in. He was also endorsed by th Care Caucus, did he tell them that when he was interviewed

  3. Have to wonder if the brouhaha over this has more to do with Ross running for a board seat and his reported position on new construction than anything else. If the selection committee failed to spot that Ross and Geelhoed (his spouse) worked at the same company on their applications and ask if there was a connection, (how many applicants, let alone finalists, work at the same firm), then they need to shoulder responsibility for missing that fact. The soap opera that is 112 remains as entertaining as ever.

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