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  1. It is no secret that Fire Fighter pension funding and shortfalls combined with the State of Illinois financial problems are creating fiscal problems for municipalities that include and surround Lake Bluff and Knollwood. The most recent news pertaining to the Libertyville proposal to provide all Fire & Ambulance services to Knollwood is not an act of compassion or kindness, rather it is an initiative to bring in additional revenues to the that city to help alleviate it’s underfunded and growing fire department pension obligations.
    This agenda is worth our close attention as it will ultimately have an impact on Lake Bluff tax payers if Knollwood takes the Libertyville route and dissolves its volunteer fire department. Lake Bluff’s remarkable volunteer fire department is dependent on the back up of the Knollwood Department. Without that backup, our Lake Bluff Department would become vulnerable and likely dependent on Lake Forest. That could result in the domino effect of the demise of the Lake Bluff Department and Lake Bluff becoming solely dependent on Lake Forest. One can be certain that Lake Forest City Management would endorse such dependence since it would add revenue to help defray their pension funding obligations.
    The end result; our volunteer fire department which is essentially free to the taxpayers, would be replaced by Lake Forest fire fighting services, and at a very high cost and an obvious tax increase to fund the new expense. It is for this potential scenario that the tax payers of Lake Bluff and Knollwood should be very involved in the outcomes because the consequences will be profound.
    Go to http://[email protected] to learn more of just what is occurring.

    • Everyone is skipping two steps in debating what to fund:

      1. Is a service injuring children?

      2. How much does each service cost?

      The LAST thing we should cut is police and fire. The FIRST thing we should cut is dangerous activities for children. In fact, dangerous activities for children are so expensive, if we cut those, we would not need to cut anything else.

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