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  1. Coal Tar Industry Leader Singing a Familiar Tune

    Yesterday the Daily North Shore included an opinion piece by a trade association that represents the manufacturers of coal tar sealers.

    I’ve followed and listened to the complaints of this group for more than 10 years now.

    They whined in 2005 in Austin, TX that it was a rush to judgment after more than 2 years of discussions. They made the same claim in Highland Park earlier this week saying that the public process which took more than a year was “too fast” and they were “denied” a voice.

    They claim a lack of testing. That is the equivalent of the tobacco industry saying that second hand smoke exposure should be tested anywhere smoking is restricted.

    Schools along in the North Shore communities have used this on their schools as I found in Winnetka in 2014. DuPage County is home of some of the most toxic creeks from coal tar sealer ever found in the US. Milwaukee just published a report showing extensive contamination from coal tar throughout the metro area.

    What would more testing in Highland Park reveal? Nothing new, but it would show that individual parking lots pose an unacceptable risk to the community.

    They claim there is no evidence to ban their product. Actually there is no evidence to use their product; let alone at homes, hospitals and playgrounds.

    Congratulations Highland Park you are now among the courageous, visionary communities in this country who have looked at the dozens of studies and found a better way for your community: coal tar free!

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