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  1. Cynthia, I don’t know who you refer to when you use the royal “we”, but quite a few of us believe in “governmental regulation” that makes the community a better place in which to live. Another word for governmental intrusion is laws, fire codes, police departments, etc. I applaud what David does. He cares. Good for him.

  2. A synopsis of this very long letter might be, “Barkhausen fears Spread of White Trash in Lake Bluff and Other Trash Too”. It is nice to be able to throw stuff out and have someone pick it up. Homeowners all have an interest in keeping their streets clean, but fitting trash into receptacles doesn’t guarantee that it won’t occasionally escape. Wind and wildlife conspire to litter. So do the trash collection guys, who once in a while drop something. I understand Mr. Barkhausen is compulsive about picking up litter, I share this compulsion, and thank you. But denying homeowners the right to contract with Groot to pick up trash that doesn’t fit is an example of overstepping, government intrusion. I thought we were into less government regulation, not more????

  3. While I certainly appreciate your passion and concern for keeping our town clean, I think I speak for most homeowners in Lake Bluff when I say that we like the current trash services, and we like being able to put out boxes and trash that doesn’t always fit in the green container.

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