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  1. I 100% support a shake up of the Board and Ms. Neubauer — an attorney, a mother of LF students and an overall sharp and sensible mind — is the perfect person to spearhead that shakeup. I cannot speak for Ms. Neubauer, but I surmise that the group members are “like-minded” not in a substantive sense but rather in their desire to be more than just the rubber stamp political group that has been the Board over the decade that I have followed it (with some exceptions such as Ted Moorman). The Board has been but an extension of the Superintendent, a collective paper tiger bowing to the bevy of administrators who are paid handsomely to run LFHS. Our administrators/the Board have been way too cozy with the teachers’ union, allowing an un-prepared for strike years ago and then caving into unreasonable union demands, but worse yet, allowing sub-par teachers to be rewarded in lockstep with the many exemplary teachers at LFHS. I am all in favor of shifting funds out of our bloated administration and into the teachers’ fund and luring and retaining excellent teachers with higher compensation than those who don’t care and/or aren’t as skilled. I had four children who went through LFHS and it is extremely clear from them which teachers helped to make them the successes they are today and which ones did nothing to further their futures. I do not know how the group of four views spending at LFHS, but I view it as needlessly grand and hope that they will, if elected, make bold changes in that regard, changes that will not hurt the quality of education but will reduce the quantity of spending. Godspeed to these “like minded” candidates.

  2. As a former two-term member of the D115 school board, I am concerned when I read of a group of “like-minded” individuals seeking to take over the board. The strength of the board lies in its diversity. When I served on the board, we were by no means “like-minded” – but we were all OPEN-minded, which is much more important. Differences of opinion were aired in an atmosphere of tolerance and respect, and whenever possible we came to a consensus that fairly addressed the concerns of all board members.

    Ms. Neubauer says her group wants to “represent all stakeholders, the children, parents and taxpayers of the district,” but that’s not possible if the members all have the same agenda. We need a board of individuals with diverse opinions and backgrounds, without preconceived action plans, who will listen to input from the whole community, not just their own circle.

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