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  1. This is a good opportunity for the city and 112 to get some new voices in place. The old school board has done a lot of damage to the community and we need leadership to help. There are good candidates here endorsed by the caucus and by CARE.

    The clearest choice in all of this is to not reelect Jane Mordini. Jane has done a lot of good over her time on the board, but she doesn’t have the temperament to best represent us. She often speak with real impudences and she has called voters idiots and also accused a member of the 2.0 team of having written Mein Kampf. Yes, she compared him to Hitler.

    She will explain these away as just her colorful way of speaking, but she’s lost her sense of what representative democracy means.

    She doesn’t get to say whatever she likes under the guise of telling it like it is. She’s causing more problems than she is solving, and by continuing to also back the middle-school campus idea, she’s stuck in the past. 112 needs compromise and change, not more of the same thinking that has us stuck. It’s time for Jane Mordini to move on.

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