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  1. Years ago it was called, “spying”. The Russians did it all the time–every chance they got. Russian “Spies” would infiltrate Washington and give informations to their country’s officials. They did everything possible to aid in their “cold war” against us. Today’s form of “spying” is called “hacking”–so much more convenient and accurate! Why is this new form of war against us so surprising ? I would say that every country has used “spying” as a way of getting information for the purpose of protecting their citizens or for various other –perhaps nefarious–purposes. Even our allies did it to us–Israel! Why all of a sudden is this outrageous? Do we really think that “globalization” has eliminated it?

    I would think that all of this energy could be used to think of ways to PREVENT “hacking”. Don’t we have our own set of “geek geniuses” who can work on this? A new “Manhattan Project” to come up with a way to protect our communications on the internet…

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