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  1. This is not only an excellent report but most pertinent.

    It is a rather long-standing issue that has been largely ignored heretofore by the print and on-line press. Once again that it appeared in DNS. This underscores the fact that hyper-local reporting has filled a much-need niche that once-upon-a-time was filled by the “Chicago Tribune” and the “Chicago Daily News.”

    In Lake Forest, where I reside, I am awaiting — hopefully — the compounding benefits of the relocated Starbucks in very close proximity to the LF Bookstore.
    But that alone won’t resolve the compelling issue raised in this report.

    I have a hunch that central business districts along the North Shore might very well benefit if they could attract more businesses that are not engaged in selling soft goods (e.g., shoes, clothing, etc.)

    It also would be most interesting — and perhaps unprecedented — if a one-day roundtable brought together stakeholders on this issue from Lake Bluff down to Wilmette for a well-structured brainstorming session addressing challenges and futures of the central business districts .

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