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  1. One of the many problems I have with leftists is their inability to be self reflective. Projection is when people deny their own tendencies while attributing them to others, as this writer does by using the “angry white men” terminology. While I have to agree there are many “angry white men”, I would point out that Ferguson MO,and Baltimore were burned by angry black people. I have noticed a great deal of anger going on at many university campus’s such as Mizzou which included many races of extremely angry people. Personally I don’t segregate people that way because as a conservative I judge people on their actions and words, not their race.I don’t care for Trump’s rhetoric either, but I can distinguish between narcissistic bombast and flat out racism, etc.

    What I do agree with the writer on is that many Republicans will now endorse Trump, though I”m not there yet. But why, given Trumps liberal tendencies on issue dear to conservatives ? Two words, Hillary Clinton. She is quite clearly one of the most flawed and corrupt politicians of our era. Just one example, and their are many. She has been paid millions of dollars to give 30 minute speeches to all manner of financial institutions and other entities. Why would Goldman Sachs pay her $275k per speech. Is it because she is such a riveting speaker? (I could probably get U2 to sing in my back yard for that kind of money).Of course not. She is engaged in a corrupt bargain between large corporations who understand that an alliance with Washington power brokers is more lucrative than the free market system which has been decimated over the decades.

    Many don’t understand the Trump phenomenon. It is not, as the opinion writer implies, those old racist white Republicans showing their true colors. Rather Trump is getting massive support from many blue color (non-government) union workers who see the open borders and one way trade agreements as crushing the “American Dream”. Additionally, he is a counter to the stifling intolerance of political correctness. And finally conservatives and Republicans alike fear who she will appoint to the supreme court.

    In conclusion, the caricature of the “angry white…” whatever is a hypocritical canard. But pointing out that obvious fact won’t stopped it from being used by indoctrinated liberals.

    David C. Barnum

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