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  1. Strange how much cheaper and pure heroin is now that when I was on the police dept over 20 years ago. Think of all the jobs it creates. From the dealer, police officers, paramedics, lawyers, judges, JAILS, nurses, doctors, REHAB PROGRAMS, counselors, pharmaceutical companies…. If that doesn’t make you wonder who all is profiting from it…. Follow the $$.

  2. There is a reason that Cook County does not keep track of heroin deaths. Ask any ER medical professional, police officer or paramedic. The number is staggering!

  3. I completely believe there is a heroin issue within the Northshore and the surrounding areas. As a student that went to an esteemed high school and elementary school district, I have to disagree that students are not being educated about drugs throughout their schooling. I don’t know if D.A.R.E is still going on in elementary schools, but that was the beginning steps of learning about drugs in an appropriate fashion for young kids. In both middle school and high school students are required to take health classes where drugs and their effects are always a major subject at some point within the class, where the realities of heroin and other drugs are brought to light in a more realistic worldly manner. I believe students are educated, but for those who begin to use drugs, they are looking for their next high or a better way to numb out. At that point they aren’t considering the education they received. Whether it be the accessibility or the social acceptance of those they surround themselves with, I dont believe it is fair to say kids/teens aren’t educated. I completely agree that there is always more to improve education and providing education for parents and families is a wonderful idea. Heroin is a major issue, but it’s important to note that people are ignoring the education they receive and not that there is no education being given. Again, once people go down the path of using drugs and go from prescription pills to finally heroin they aren’t in the place to remember or think about “oh we learned in health that…” they are beyond those thoughts and are focusing on numbing themselves and finding a way to avoid withdrawal symptoms. For some reason, saying that’s there is no education for students struck a cord with me. I completely respect this story and hope that it gives families in the area a realization that there is a problem and it does need to be talked about. The author is clearly coming from a good place and looking to provide support, I just believe we need to remember that education is offered, this also comes from a certified teacher that takes education issues to heart.

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