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  1. parents in SRS29 just received this update


    The new school is being designed with input from staff, students, and District 29 community members to be a warm, welcoming, state-of-the-art environment for children to learn and grow. There are clearly many “interest groups” (e.g., athletics, performing arts, traditional academics, aesthetics, historians, student services, business services, maintenance) with a proverbial seat at the design table. Our goal is to appropriately balance the needs represented by each group, with a clear focus on the betterment of the educational experience for students. In an effort to quell rumors circulating in social media about our capital improvement project, I also wanted to clarify some basic facts:

    1. The cost of the project is on target with the original budget, and the plans posted on the District website reflect that budget. The current design is not “estimated at $37 million.”

    2. The District is financing the project through a combination of Fund Balance reserves and capital lease certificates. The District is not “weighing the possibility of a referendum” for the project.

    3. The District is seeking private financial donations to help with certain aspects of the design that could enhance the functionality and/or aesthetics. In addition, we always welcome financial support to supplement our budget for the project. However, the District has sufficient financial resources to construct the core designs as presented on the website.

    4. The District is examining options to preserve some meaningful components of the existing Sunset Ridge School (e.g., historical architectural features, student murals and artwork, photographs, and furniture). More specific ideas to accomplish this goal will be explored during the next phase of the project.

    Architects from Wight have already updated the original design based on feedback they’ve received. We will post the updated designs on our website as soon as possible. In addition, I will be presenting an overview of the latest designs at the November PTO meeting. All are welcome to attend.

  2. Old school has a humane scale to it. Very friendly.

    I’m sure the proponents of the new building are hopping up and down, flapping their arms and making noises. There is no doubt the new will reflect the latest fads in school design. But there is wisdom with what our forebears did. Respect them. Stability and tradition is something that can have a calming effect in these volatile times….


  3. This article is ridiculous. There is nothing “controversial” about the awesome plans for a new school! You don’t even live here anymore, but out of nostalgia you don’t want MY kids to have modern classrooms or MY home value to benefit from a great new school?

    Keep your opinions to yourself and stop trying to make it seem like others agree with you.

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