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  1. I was a Winnetka resident for over 40 years and a volunteer in the circulation dept. of the library for 7 and am dismayed to hear of the Board President’s comment about older volunteers, having been one of them. When I began volunteering at the library–FOUR DIRECTORS AGO–I was welcomed and appreciated. That changed with the current inexperienced director. In the year and a half she was there, she never once thanked me and only said “hi” once or twice. I doubt she bothered to learn my name. The only reason I stayed until my recent move to Indiana was that the head of circulation and the staff had become friends and always valued my help. I can only wonder what’s next to go. The classics?

  2. Very sad that the library trustees refused to turn the matter over to the Winnetka Caucus, even in the face of numerous objections on the part of the local tax payers. A collection that took 60 years to put together will be boxed and stored, and for what? Extra meeting space? As if there is a dearth of free meeting spaces in Winnetka. Why can’t the library work in partnership with other taxpayer-supported institutions instead of using their limited space and resources to hold knitting classes? If the Regenstein library and the Newberry can agree not to duplicate each other’s collections, why can’t the Winnetka Public Library stop trying to be the Winnetka Community House?

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