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  1. Holland is hiding her website from Lake Forest Residents and we are suppose to trust her ?

    Trust is EARNED.

  2. I have put four daughters through LFHS from 1996-2006. Our experience was excellent and our daughters all got into the colleges of their choice. I agreed with 90% of what happened at the school There seemed to be great respect for the teachers and I was impressed by the administration and it’s communication with the parents and community. So I was sad to hear of the controversy over hiring a new principal and was invited to come and listen last evening to the school board and it’s opposition.

    I went to the meeting as an observer. I came away with three conclusions:

    1. The process for choosing this candidate was flawed.
    2. Though the candidate seems to impress people and seems driven to excel in her education career I felt her experience was slim for someone in this position
    3. The concerns of those attending were not addressed concerning her views of education particularly noted in her master’s dissertation, consulting website and doctoral work.

    Let me expand on each point
    Superintendent Simeck stated that the position was advertised (if I heard correctly) in one professional publication. From that posting 20 applications were received. The field was narrowed through confidential interviews by Mr Simeck to 8 , 3 and then he made a final recommendation of Dr Holland. I find it difficult to understand how there weren’t more applicants and why the net wasn’t cast further. Additionally, why weren’t successful principals from other schools with more experience recruited. It seems like a very important position with the power to hire and fire staff and control the direction of the school.

    Two of the board members in their statements before voting admitted that they were within months of being on the board. In addition, the FAQ link revealed that 3 of the six board members “at the time of the May 26th meeting had not yet met the candidate or had a chance to ask many of the same questions raised by the community” last evening. They were asked to vote on hiring Dr Holland at that meeting. Where did they get their information to vote on the hiring? How extensive was their knowledge of the candidate and her accomplishments? Did they know about the content of her master thesis? It appeared that the process relied heavily on a few people’s opinions of Dr Holland.

    I heard nothing last evening from Superinendent Simeck nor the board nor read anything in the FAQ addressing the concerns about how Dr Holland’s views of education and experience mesh with our community and its values. (taken from her master’s thesis, My Journey Towards Culturally Relevant Teaching, doctorate in Turning around failing Urban schools and website on educational consulting) I hope that there will be more discussion relating to this not just in AP placement but testing being racially biased and her understanding of “white privilege”.

    In the end, I hope that the board and superintendent’s judgement is correct, that Dr Holland is successful at LFHS and that a number of the speakers at the meeting last night run for school board. Parental involvement is key to quality education and we are our children’s primary teachers. It’s been an interesting experience and hopefully will energize involvement in the education system. I hope and pray that LFSH continues to be the special place that it was for my children.

  3. Thank God for the Guscott-Muellers, Mr. Block, Ms. Freeman-Murray, and our duly-elected School Board. I was beginning to feel shame for my community of 42 years. The rest of you: please allow Ms. Holland out from under the weight of your pre-judgment, and give her the chance to do right by all our kids.

    • Shame? The only shame, Paul, is that over the protests of a very well-informed and even-minded community of parents and citizens, the Board hired an underqualified candidate whose training and experience (what little of it there is) are inappropriate for a school like LFHS and who, moveover, tried to hide her offensive educational and political beliefs. That last betrays a total lack of integrity and should have been a non-starter to begin with.

      How difficult is this for you to understand? I mean, really?

    • To Ms. Holland and the “progressives” supporting her: please allow the people of Lake Forest out from under the weight of YOUR pre-judgment, and give us the chance to vet your ideas for educating our children.

  4. Curious – to answer your question, it takes something like this to mobilize people to run for school board. So you will probably see at least one of the names you listed on the ballot for school board in the next election. Its in two years, but I suspect the PEOPLE of Lake Forest will not forget this.

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