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  1. I wonder what you mean by “Make her life difficult?”
    And, with the disclaimers on Daily Northshore, why in the world would they print such a ‘promise?’
    My God.

    I am watching these posts with extreme concern about the inability to grasp and retain very basic and well-accepted terms/definitions like “white privilege”, and the many possibilities of who Malcolm X was and what he stood for. Who gets to limit what Malcolm X said? In fact: Who wants their enemies to educate their children?
    He made no mention of the color of his enemy, so it’s interesting that those who are part of this campaign would leap to these interpretations without acknowledgement and consideration of the range of possibilities. That limited examination is void of critical analysis, surely a reason to quickly lose points on a research paper at ETHS, New Trier and LFHS. That leap just doesn’t seem critical nor rigorous enough for even a teenager.

    That said, Malcolm X thought some Black people were problematic, as well. And no one mentions the many changes in his philosophy over time. Many argue his public acknowledgement that he could be brothers with white people got him killed. So there, he’s no longer frozen in time.

    Same with Dr. King, who was hated during his lifetime. His words were sanitized before inclusion in the national identity. There is no need to take his quotes out of context when he wrote several books. If you read them you will know he was hated for a good reason–he challenged the moral and ethical structures in the United States with revolutionary intent. I am sure this same group critical of Malcolm X should also be wary of quoting Dr. King too quickly. Videos of him during his last two years may scare you; heck, he was asked for reparations in 1963.

    Both King and Malcolm X died at the hands of those who wanted no change. They, too, were constantly threatened. And misquoted. And misunderstood. Imagine where we would be if they didn’t challenge discrimination based on race where appropriate?

    The gaze on Dr. Holland is organized by essentialist, as exhibited by the extremist readings of X’s statement and other limited interpretations of her. Plus, there is a purposeful deletion of her credentials, positive press and testimonials by those who know her, and the postings on her website which had nothing at all to do about race.

    There has been a counter narrative to all the concerns. For instance, we have witnessed many white department heads who report directly to Dr. Holland testify that she is more than qualified, and has pushed them to get better. It’s as if this group of concerned citizens believe because there are students of color in these teachers populations that their opinions of Dr. Holland are less credible and hold little weight. It seems every white teacher who has worked for Dr. Holland reports no bad experiences. So, why the concern? Why refuse to call her Dr. Holland? This birther movement is slowly gaining national attention.

    Students on the northshore are eager to join their future colleges/universities colleagues in understanding terms/concepts like “white privilege”, which has been widely accepted across the social sciences. The ETHS alumni newspaper just reported that students from Niles West, Niles North, Highland Park and New Trier just joined ETHS students at Northwestern to “develop their racial consciousness and become leaders for racial justice.” (see Spring, 2015 “The Kit) I believe some commenters admired ‘New Trier’: I suggest they do a little research about that school’s initiatives, culture and curriculum.

    We have not heard from one person who knows Dr. Holland who says anything negative about her. Not one. Seems to me you all should be able to find ONE? And, does one really believe that ‘race’ is her only competency? Do you believe she jumps out of bed, goes to work, stops at Starbucks while shining up her race-card, constantly talk about race all day, and keep her job? How have all these school districts not caught her? We are talking about at least three well-respected districts, including your own. Now, that seems awful silly.

    Take time to learn some of these concepts posited as pejorative, because many folks operate within them without acknowledgement of their participation.

    Many people have come forward to explain how the terms and concepts concerning the community have respect and wide-usage across the Ivy League world. Critical Race Theory is taught at the University of Illinois Law School, where some of your leadership earned their law degree. Perhaps a community wide meeting where the terms are defined and discussed by experts in these fields and the community?

    I hope humanity and compassion kick in before Dr. Holland’s “life is made difficult”, that the Daily Northshore help obtain clarity about what that means, and that we are careful about printing threats and hyperbole.
    ( You may remove the comment, but please follow up on how that fits into your promise to keep folks safe from threats.)

    • No matter how you package it, “White Privilege” is simply racism and has no place in either our schools or a civil society dedicated to equal treatment under the law.

      This situation requires a tremendous amount of oversight and responsible community members need to do the following:
      1. We need to teach our children that anyone who judges them by the color of their skin rather than the content of their character, is a racist no better than those who stood in the school doors in the 1950’s. These people deserve no respect. Our children should not be taking advice or guidance from anyone who treats them like second class citizens.
      2. We need to teach our children that anyone who tries to blame them for things they didn’t do simply because their skin is white needs to be fought and defeated.
      3. We need to make sure that Dr. Holland’s beliefs in “White Privilege” and “Whiteness as Property” do not become part of the lessons or curricula in Lake Forest High School.
      4. We need to keep Dr. Holland from bringing in PEG consultants to harass our teachers and waste our money.
      5. We need to watch all of her new hires and determine if they share her radical racial views.
      6. We need to make sure she does not do away with tracking programs which she sees as new Jim Crow laws.

      It’s clear that we will get no help from Superintendent Simeck or the School Board, so all of this will have to be done by citizens working outside of the bureaucracy.

      I am well aware that the racist poison of “White Privilege” has spread throughout our Universities, but it doesn’t mean we have to force our kids to drink it in Lake Forest High School.

  2. If diversity was a criteria for choosing a new principal, I applaud the Superintendent and school board. I think it’d be great for our high schoolers to have a person (or more specifically a woman) of color to look up to and be inspired by. The right one could’e ended up a legend in LF. Unfortunately, for this “trailblazer,” we really needed someone we could feel confident was a unifier, not a divider. With race as a central tenet or building block of Dr. Holland’s educational center, it’s hard to portray her as that unifier. By posting the Malcolm X poster inferring that white educators are the enemy – then personally endorsing that point of view just one year ago – the concept of a unifier goes right out the window. Then, by cynically and tactically hiding it all as soon as her name comes out – well, that’s when her entire nomination should’ve gone out the window. If Jay Rodgers posted a white supremacist poster on his social media pages, then deleted it – and someone recovered it during his vetting process – game over. Why are we even discussing all the other issues. This was huge! For me, all the local uproar was not racism – but a response to Dr. Holland’s racism.

  3. As a proponent of identifying players by name perhaps MCN could provide us the name of the courageous individual who plopped this story in the lap of the missus. Perhaps that guy (or gal) could participate in the dialogue and articulate his (or her) agenda and the reason he (or she) didn’t sound the alarm himself (or herself), but rather got someone else to do the dirty deed. And it seems, dirt cheap.

  4. An empty nester, 10 year Lake Forest resident, I attended the meeting. I feel the Board inexperienced and cornered by inexperience. They did not use a recruiter to solicit and screen proactively across the country. I further came am wondering what the Board mission and what Dr. Holland’s mission is. She has an identifiable racist tone in her resume, which is a story concerning a side business and website that are objective facts. This legitimate taint was glaringly avoided by tbe Board. Lake Forest has a fractous history with Boards and Superintendents. Dr. Holland appears capable and a decent individual. Hopefully, the High School mission becomes more clear and clearly accepted. What is the exact mission Board members and Superintendent? If a mission plan is not made more clear, the School will lose standing. Lake Forest ratings languish behind New Trier, Glenbrook North and Highland Park. The gap risks widening unless oversight improves.

  5. As a reminder, here is a link to the Daily North Shore comments policy:


    Basically the policy can be summarized as such: Don’t say anything here that you wouldn’t say in public and to a person directly. And also, please don’t call people names, or threaten anyone. And readers, if you see a comment that you find objectionable, please email me and tell me about it. I do read every comment — but I can make mistakes and I appreciate your feedback.

    • Dear Adrienne Fawcett:

      Since the post by MCN is referenced here by two commentators we know he did say, “make her life difficult’, referring to Dr. Holland.
      Do you mind sharing the following:
      1. Was his comment ‘scrubbed’, and why?
      2. Do you consider this a threat? If so, what’s the protocol for such, besides deleting the comment?
      3. Did you contact MCN to make him aware you were scrubbing the threat? Did you contact any authorities? The board? Dr. Holland?
      4. Thank you for your transparency!

      • Dee: You ask for transparency but do not use your real name. You provide an email address with your comment but is it your real address? I have sent you two emails to answer your questions and have received no reply.

        Allowing anonymous comments is the industry standard and Daily North Shore is for the time being going with it. This is a new site covering a much larger geographic range than its predecessor. We are trying a lot of things.

        Throughout the past few weeks I have posted the DNS comments policy here and asked readers to alert me to comments that they feel violated the policy. When I first read the comment about making life difficult, I interpreted it as “life will be difficult because of the rancor.” After hearing from readers who felt it was a threat, I removed the comment.

        If you value transparency, please use your real name.

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