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  1. Okay. The District not providing you with redacted resumes probably has less to do with “cloak and dagger tactics” and more to do with legitimate FOIA exemptions that protect those documents from disclosure. Applications for unsuccessful applicants are typically confidential and fall under one of FOIA’s exemptions. An unsuccessful candidate is not a public employee and their information is not subject to the same laws of disclosure as a successful candidate. Releasing information about unsuccessful applications is considered an unwarranted invasion of privacy and the Public Access Counsel has issued several opinions upholding that applications–not JUST names–are confidential.

    Emails about personnel can sometimes fall under FOIA exemptions. Since you requested email pertaining to a candidate and not a public employee, I would guess that the reason that they can’t provide the information prior to June 9 is similar to the reason I described above: if you’re not a public employee, your information is not bound by the same laws of disclosure.

  2. Its plain for all to see that our biggest taxing body Dist 115, sees no reason to conduct open dialogue with taxpayers. We empower the school board to represent us and give the superintendent guidance. Not the other way around. Unfortunately we get leaders like Klingenburg, Griffth, and now Simeck.
    I implore you to stand up and be counted tonight at the school board meeting.

  3. The Board meeting will be tonight at the West Campus gymnasium at 7 pm, June 9th.

    It’s clear that the State laws governing the management of our school systems need to be changed, or we need to find a way around them. This cloak and dagger style of administration only helps those who have something to hide. Does anyone know if “Home Rule” would grant us any leeway?

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