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  1. The Board meeting will be tonight at the West Campus gymnasium at 7 pm, June 9th.

    Repetition is the cornerstone of education!

  2. Have lived in Lake Forest for over 45 years, sent five children through the high school; I am appalled at the lack of quality of the current candidate for the Principal position. Equally, it is a disgrace that we have outside hucksters and lawyers appearing to “pressure” our Board to make a terrible decision on a new principal. Who is responsible for this obvious attempt to “jam” in a candidate who not only lacks the basic competency, but espouses radical ideas that have no relevancy for our children? Strongly, advise the Board to terminate those personnel first and then get on to the job of finding a quality person to fill the needs for our children and community!

  3. Just received this email from another concerned person:

    “What is most troubling about Chala Holland is not her position on tracking. What is most troubling is her reference to “white privilege,” which is an integral part of a set of arguable theories (e.g., Critical Race Theory, Critical Pedagogy) that are politicizing and poisoning professional development, English curricula, social studies curricula, and even world languages curricula. These theories include a host of assumptions posited as incontrovertible facts. And in most schools, neither students nor faculty study resources critical of Critical Race Theory, thus violating the most basic intellectual commitment of sound pedagogy.

    School boards should be asking administrative and faculty candidates for their positions on Critical Race Theory, Critical Pedagogy, “Teaching for Social Justice,” and “white privilege.” They should be asking them which scholars most influence their pedagogical beliefs. They should ask them for their views of Tim Wise, Paul Kivel, Peggy McIntosh, Paulo Freire, and Bill Ayers,

    Here are some short and compelling videos on the annual White Privilege Conference that are well worth watching:


  4. Thanks for your letter. This sums up our feelings rather eloquently and we hope the school board accepts their responsibility to rein in the loose canons in the District administration. Further, it is time to look closely at Mr. Simick to see if he really has been much of a fit for our district. Having just paid my real estate taxes, I realize I want more say in the spending conduct of this administration. No more rubber stamping on poor direction and decisions from this or any other succeeding board! Please come to the June 9th meeting @ 7 PM to be counted!

  5. I hope the Board has had some time to do some soul searching and deep consideration of the facts and potential ramifications of their decisions since May 26th.

    As a LFHS stakeholder, I still remain very concerned about the fast process and the lack of community representation in the task force that narrowed the search down to one candidate for the Board to consider. (2 non-elected parent volunteers on the task force does not represent the community). I expect that the community and Board would desire a principal candidate with a proven track record and relevant work experience to charge the lead and not consider it a position where you come to “cut you teeth”. I think it’s fair to say, we as a community expect more.

    As an aside, The US News and World Report High School Rankings 2015 came out recently (it is just one metric, for some a debatable one, but many still consider it a go to source when evaluating a high school). While Northside Prep still remains ranked #1 in Illinois, with a STEM rank of #29. LFHS has gone from #24 to #26 in 2015 with no STEM rank. Last year, Libertyville was just behind LFHS at #25 and is now #13. There has been much talk at the high school about the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) or STEAM (Art) in our curriculum and its effect on our students’ ability to be competitive as they prepare for jobs in the future. Does this current candidate have the relevant work experience and back ground to guide us in that direction ?

    Another important consideration is if it was confirmed that the current candidate was accompanied by lawyers at the last board meeting on May 26th prior to being hired. If true, I am very concerned as LFHS stakeholder about our ability to hold such a candidate accountable for job performance if actually hired for the position.

    In short, I hope the Board has the courage and insight to act independently and move forward in hiring a new principal based on good information and good faith, not blind faith.

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