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  1. The following Core Principles were defined by LFHS as part of the Emotional Wellness program:
    • Empathy
    • Integrity
    • Acceptance
    • Own the consequences
    • Responsibility/Accountability
    • Interact with genuine openness
    • Strive to make the best decision
    • Appreciate and respect individuality
    • Step into someone else’s experience(s)
    • Act with Truth, Respect, and Honesty
    • Encourage others to do the right thing
    • Be aware and understanding of others’ feelings

    Instead of standing by her previous statements and thoughts, she did the opposite. Her actions seem to indicate that she does not hold these values, specifically in regards to Integrity, Owning the Consequences, Interacting with Genuine Openness and Acting with Truth, Respect, and Honesty, and would be a poor choice as a leader for LFHS.

  2. I find this support for Dr. Holland disturbing. When I come into any situation, I try to have an open mind. When I look at the qualifications of Dr. Holland I have nothing which stands out as concerning. But when I read this letter of support and who is writing it and what they say, I become extremely concerned.

    Our taxes get appropriated so you can teach the young men and women who are in the area. We pay you to teach Math, English, etc. We don’t pay you to try to enforce some leftist agenda of social justice.

    When I read about Mr Cohen, who penned this letter of support, I find he is cut in the same cloth. Please see the link: http://www.oprfhs.org/english/ . Pay attention to what it says his job is to “recognize, analyze, and question socially constructed roles including race, class, gender, and sexual orientation;
    actively listen to multiple perspectives with compassion and a commitment to justice.”

    Mr. Cohen has a commitment to justice? Social Justice is evil and discriminatory. It assumes that people of all races, religions, sexual orientations think the same and is as wrong as Jim Crow.

    If this lady gets in, expect a commitment to pull down our best and brightest. Expect a culture of “No one Excels”, because that would mean some people feel bad. Expect more of our best and brightest go to Lake Forest Academy. Maybe you are ok with that but if you are not, please oppose her publicly.

    • Yeah….except the website you reference says: “We envision STUDENTS who”…”recognize, analyze, and question socially constructed roles including race, class, gender, and sexual orientation; actively listen to multiple perspectives with compassion and a commitment to justice.” (emphasis mine)

  3. https://web.archive.org/web/20130225083738/http://www.hollanded.com/academic-tracking
    Her words from her scrubbed site:Academic Tracking – The New (Educational) Jim Crow
    The same structures that segregated students in the 1960’s, segregates them today. A system of academic tracking is embedded in the ways that courses are structured and aligned in many integrated high schools across the United States. The academic tracks, ranging from self contained Special Education through AP/IB, have fallen along racial lines within many racial integrated schools with a disproportionate number of Black and Latino students in self-contained Special Education classes and a disproportionate number of White students in Honors and AP level courses. While the 1960’s boasted the physical segregation of spaces occupies by white and non-white students, the 2000’s boast integrated buildings yet segregated classrooms.

    The racial integration of schools did not dismantle the systemic racism inherent in the schooling system. The work of Foucault indicates that once power is exposed, it goes into hiding and finds another system through which to operate until it is exposed again. In other words, it’s not a matter of “if racism” is operating in the schools, it’s a matter of knowing that it is there and working constantly uncover it and dismantle it. On the surface, many racially integrated schools seem like beacons of racial and economic diversity and integration. But, at their core are beacons of racial inequities disguised by a false notion of meritocracy and the reality of white privilege and internalized racism.

    Tracking originated out of a need for differentiated labor. Black, Latino and working class students have historically been assigned to the lower academic tracks in disproportionate numbers. Race has everything to do with this. Tracking has been used to produce different outcomes and experiences for students so much so, the differences in results have been racially assigned and normalized. Students in lower tracks are subject to lower-level instructional materials and practices and do not have access to higher-level competencies. Additionally, they have less access to college-prep materials.

    All students are affected by systems of tracking but not all students are affected the same. Race and tracking are inextricably connected. If they were not, the national racial predictability in the achievement and academic levels in schools would not exist.

  4. Dear Mr. Cohen:

    This is a very powerful letter of support. I wonder if you also might be able to offer as powerful an explanation and support for why it would be appropriate for Dr. Holland to suddenly attempt to erase from the Internet her previously public comments on race and tracking? And the Malcolm X quote and her comment on it. It’s the attempted cover up of her previous and somewhat inflammatory comments that I find most disturbing about this situation. Either she or the LFHS leadership appear to want to hide her past perspectives, perspectives that you seem to have found so helpful.

    Thank you.

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