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  1. As a Glenview homeowner for over 18 years and a business owner who has been deeply affected by the 2008 downturn of the economy, it saddens me and makes me angry that with all the new housing in Glenview there
    has been little accommodation for seniors like me to find subsidized housing or housing that doesn’t have a
    years long waiting list that I can afford at this time. In my eighty first year and being foreclosed on, I cannot
    find suitable housing although I have been on several waiting lists since 2011. I think this is disgraceful in a
    village that is wealthy and evidently gives lip service to its so called equality of treatment for seniors. A few
    apartments in The Glen’ Thomas Place have recently been allocated for subsidized housing but who even knew about them before they were filled. This is a very serious situation that I hope someone will look into.

    • Diane,
      My name is Kim Hand and I am the Senior Services Coordinator with the Village of Glenview through North Shore Senior Center. My direct line is 847.904.4366 to discuss other options for housing.
      Kim Hand

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