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  1. Too bad Michael Nerheim is more concerned with advancing his political career them seeking justice for his constituents. He can’t give up this conviction – his CAREER DEPENDS ON KEEPING THE CONVICTION. This is what is wrong with our criminal justice system in America. State’s Attorneys like Nerheim got where they are because they amassed hefty numbers of convictions. The fact that many of them are wrongful is considered collateral damage. Forget that an innocent person’s life was ruined by Michael’s political aspirations. You don’t get elected to higher and higher offices in the criminal justice system by CORRECTING wrongful convictions. It is the sick and disgusting truth in America that a politician like Michael Nerheim got where he is on the backs of not only rightful convictions but also WRONGFUL convictions AND HE has the jurisdiction over whether or not to have them retried. The fox guarding the hen house. Stupid, stupid. If we want things more integrity in our justice system we need to change the way we elect these types. Instead of counting numbers of convictions we should be concerned with the checking the INTEGRITY of our elected justice officials. Mr Nerheim has shown he is severely lacking in this department.

  2. Lake County State’s Attorney Michael G. Nerheim what are you doing? Do your job! Don’t show yourself a corrupt prosecutor. Letting innocent people rot in prison does not make you a successful professional, quite the opposite. Clean the police practices!

    How many other people has medical examiner Eupil Choi hurt with his obvious lack of expertise? He demonstrated his complete incompetence. All his cases should be reexamined. People deserve more than his ignorance. He needs to answer for his actions before the jury.

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