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  1. If we allow terrorist activity to dictate the celebrations of our traditional holidays, doesn’t that give them a victory that they crave? The families of their victims certainly deserve our sympathy and sensitivity. The terrorist methods of execution are horrific, to be sure, but they seem carefully planned, staged and publicized specifically to instill fear and horror into our citizenry. Let’s remember that ISIS is a small group of violent zealots living in the desert over 6,000 miles away. Their most powerful weapons are a video camera and the internet. Let’s not allow them to succeed in turning neighbors against each other during what normally would be a time of fun and frivolity in our community.

  2. Fortunately, I know the entire Hodgkins Family. Anyone would consider themselves lucky to have them as a neighbor. They are a considerate, warm and loving family. It is a shame that people go to such extremes instead of doing what is reasonable.

  3. Dear Mr. Gaytor,

    I was so relieved to see that you had written this article for the Gazebo News! I wanted to respond to the anonymous letter my kids found in our mailbox…but that was not possible since you left it unsigned. Please know, Mr.Gaytor, that we are sincerely sorry that we offended you—or anyone—with our decorations. You are clearly very upset and for that I apologize. You will be happy to know that we DO indeed watch the news and make it a point with all of our children to stay informed on current events both nationally and internationally. Caught up in the fun and silliness of Halloween, I did not consider the fact that the zombie head could offend someone, and I agree with you that it was insensitive. I took it down weeks ago.

    Mr. Gaytor, might I request that in the future, if you have a complaint or problem with my home and family, that you contact me directly? Leaving snarky anonymous letters in people’s mailboxes is not a very effective means of communication. You could have avoided the need to put your grievances in such a public forum, and published pictures of my home as well! I appreciate your views and would be happy to have a TWO sided conversation with you. C’mon over anytime….you obviously know where I live.

    Your Neighbor,
    Debra De Schutter Hodgkins

      • Actually I thought it was the right thing to do at the time. Thanks for reconsidering the sensitivity issues involved. I probably could have stopped by and told you my feelings, but was actually too shocked at the vision you had installed, (and I am very open minded) to respond coherently. A gut reaction.
        The image of beheadings in the middle east have stayed with and many members of the community.
        Thanks again for listening.

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