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  1. I saw your story about Mac posted on Facebook. I am so so sorry to hear about this. My husband and I recently had to put our 3 year old golden down due to Lymphoma and it was equally heartbreaking. We took her to the vet thinking she a cold, then found out it was cancer. It’s so hard to say goodbye to our pets, they are such a part of our families. Sending love your way.

  2. Cindy – So sorry for your loss! Thank you for spreading the word and helping us all be more aware of this situation! We have a 13 year old Wheaton Terrier and she is outside all the time and loves to “sniff” and dig outside. You, Tom and your family are in our thoughts.

  3. It is a very sad thing to lose a dog. And so suddenly at such a young age, like what happened to your family is extra sad. I am so very sorry this happened.

    It is greatly appreciated that you have shared this story so we can watch out for these symptoms in our dogs too, and maybe avert other dog deaths. I am also appreciating Gazebo News for investigating and bringing us good, balanced facts with the veterinarians help, to help us care for our dogs.

  4. Dear Fletcher Family,
    Harvey the Wonder Dog and I have met Mac on our walks and are both so deeply sad to hear about this. Mac was a sweetie-pie and I know you are in so much pain after losing him. Please come and hug and pet Harvey anytime you need a doggie “fix”. It always helps me. Again, so sorry….

  5. Hi. I’m VERY SORRY to hear about Mac. He was a beautiful Dog and I know how painful it is too lose a pet. It’s not always easy when to bring your pet into the Vet especially when he was doing somethings like he normally does, but when he doesen’t eat then I would especially take my Pug Calvin because if he doesen’t eat then I know he dosen’t feel well because like your Dog Mac he would eat until he popped if he could. He lives for food !!!!! I’ve had to put dogs down also and it is very hard, but it was the right thing to do for Mac so, he is no longer suffering and you always have memories and pictures of Mac that nobody can take away from you. Very sorry, Bridget

  6. Hugs to all!
    This article was hard to read. Heartbreaking.
    Since our dog walks at Mawman and we have deer and coyote in our backyard he is surely at risk.
    We are so sorry for you loss!
    If you see us walking Magnus (English Bulldog) come get a hand lick from him and a hug from us!

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