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  1. Great reporting Adrienne! I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series and hope it impacts our community.

  2. Adrienne,
    Frightening. Thank you for the details about how heroin is often introduced. I think that piece of information will help a lot of people. The fact that heroin can be smoked and mistaken for pot is key. Predators will use that method! Readers, tell others this fact! Prayers for all.

    • In highest GPA
      no question is raised to “why PAIN killer TEEN of a PLEASURE SEEKER parents/grandparent?

      iDEMENTIA ia #1 elder disease so that makes its child THE PARENT =–DEMENTED
      could PLEASURE SEEKING while pointing at your childTEEN as “pain KILLER_ Killing” be the CAUSE – the PROBLEM
      Problems can be RESOLVED

      Adrienne brought THE ELEPHANT to LIGHT that has been in the LIVING ROOM – in the CHINA SHOPPE breaking glassware
      now its up to each ONE
      to choose
      to make CHANGE

      bringing a PROBLEM up – is scary
      makes a human feel bad – hey looking at your SELF its activities is not a pleasure
      resolve comes from FEELING – looking BAD
      RESOLVE comes from PAIN

      sit in the TEEN

      see what change occurs – NOTHING to LOOSE

      Adrienne nice job!

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