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  1. The weather was incredible this year. Last year was SOOO HOT!!! I am a member of the Lake Bluff/Lake Forest Kiwanis Club. We had our 42nd annual Pancake Breakfast this year. I would like thank everyone who participated and participates every year. I would also like to say how INCREDIBLY SPECIAL the Lake Bluff celebration of our nation’s birthday is. I grew up knowing most of the brothers and sisters of the kids in my classes and neighborhood. I knew the family dogs names. I knew what kind of cars people in our neighborhood drove. We did NOT have a neighborhood watch… We had a NEIGHBORHOOD. Every year, like salmon spawning, thousands of people return to Lake Bluff for the 4th of July celebration. Some are bringing sons and daughters. Some are bringing grandkids. No matter who comes, the reason in large part is to be reminded of what THE BEST of AMERICA is about. People that treat each other with respect, friendship, AND CARING. I am SO PROUD to say I came from Lake Bluff where I walked to school and back since kindergarten. Where I was raised by GREAT PARENTS, NEIGHBORS, AND TEACHERS. I am proud to say I remember every single teacher I ever had in school through high school. I want to thank the people past and present that make Lake Bluff one of the best places on earth. So happy birthday America. May there be many more celebrations of the spirit that holds us all together. The spirit that is NEVER EVER forgotten in Lake Bluff.

  2. I am saddened to contemplate the loss of the Lawn Mower Guys in future 4th of July celebrations. Perhaps there is something that I can say that will shame them into participating next year… The North Shore needs this type of contribution each year to remind us of how uptight we can be. A little political and social incorrectness is good for the soul. It reminds us of both sides of the bubble. That said I was happy to see the Mustache March answering and stepping up to the plate.

  3. On behalf of the 1st place-winning “Million Mustache March for Men’s Rights” entry, we would like to thank the Lawn Mower Guys for their outstanding contributions to the parade through the years.

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