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  1. Eric and Megan’s juices are truly fantastic. My whole family loves them – even my three small children. I have more energy and feel great about nourishing my body with real food. Eric can help customize a set of juices to help your specific concerns – like anti inflammatory fruits ands veggies and such. We are thrilled to have access to such goodness!

  2. Eric’s juices are amazing. They are delicious and nutritious. They are more than ‘juices.’ They are healing, nourishing foods. The biggest quote I got from this article is: ” I was overfed and undernourished.” This quote is, sadly, most of America. We can all begin to heal ourselves if we take the time and the effort to put nourishing foods in our bodies.

  3. An amazing story indeed. Nutrition is the key to good health. Eric Cooper’s business is health care; that stuff most of the medical community is doing is, well, something else. I was diagnosed with UC in February. With the support and encouragement of my wife and my sister, I quickly transfromed my diet to one with a heavy percentage of green, raw vegetables, living hummus, juices and smoothies and super-nutrient supplements. I take a medical grade probiotic too, called VSL#3. Within a month I had no symptoms for a period of four weekd and I have only had mild symptoms on occasion. The doctor told me I just needed to take a pill called Lialda. But there are no side effects from highly nutritious foods and probiotics. Wake up people, this diet and nutrition stuff is real! I wish I lived near Eric’s store so I could stop in for some fresh pressed juice.

  4. Eric and Megan’s juices are amazing. For me, the most unexpected thing is how good they taste. I’ve been drinking them regularly for several months and introduced them to my family as well. My 2 year old drinks Kale with a Twist as often as she can get it. Since starting on the juice, I have more energy, my skin looks clearer and even my eyes are brighter – a friend recently asked me if I was wearing colored contacts! I will be ordering these juices as long as Eric and Megan make them – hopefully indefinitely. Can’t wait for the store!

  5. Eric is an inspiration—I’ve gotten to know him in the past couple of months while my firm, ArtVersion, has worked on his web design and branding. By meeting with him regularly, I have become a health nut and so has my entire team. His knowledge and passion to share information about nutrigenomics, healthy eating and health benefits have already influenced our lifestyles. Plus–the juices are delicious—very, very tasty. I highly recommend them.

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