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  1. If LFHS teachers are really in this career “for the kids”, they will accept this most reasonable offer by the Board of Education. My son teaches in a large high school south of the city and his salary was frozen last year and he’s starting the school year with a frozen schedule this year. He IS doing it for the kids. Maybe some of the teachers should look at entering the business world if they are unhappy with their financial situation as educators. Oh, but wait! They might have no bonuses and frozen salaries in the business world!

  2. Fortunately few of us are not watching this charade. I don’t think the Board grasps the impact of the numbers they propose. The teachers have been rewarded like no other industry. Now the unions have the gall to threaten a strike with, once again , no concern for the children. Some will go to college next year. A strike will seriously upset plans for applications and financing. But why should a union leader be concerned with a childs’ education after all.

    It is time for not only the parents but the taxpayers to be brought into the room. If the unions find it impossible to face reality, then maybe a house cleaning is in order. Some teachers will be retiring soon. Perhaps they would like to start now. There is no shortage of good teachers who would find the comfort of Lake Forest suitable to their skills and desire to teach children who want to learn. In industry if you think for a moment you are indispensable the truth can be abrupt.
    Think about it.

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