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  1. Another School Board that is asleep at the wheel and another district superintendent who treats that taxpayer’s money as part of their own kingdom.

  2. Nice! Sounds like Lake Bluff now has the money to finance an upgrade to the Blair Park pool with about 4-5 million to spare!! Expand the gym space as well and you have a fantastic space for choral practice.

    I suppose it is always better to be prepared for financial crisis than not, so the fact that we have a surplus instead of gaping hole is a welcome surprise.

    • Not nice!! People are struggling with their tax bills going up annually, to fund what? it is outrageous that a school board should have access to such reserves to use indiscriminately. With a brand new Elementary School, plus renovations to the Middle School…I think we have supported our district. Homeowners could now use the support to reverse the taxing rate which increased 8.4% this year.

      BTW, people already spoke their minds about the Blair Park pool upgrades, with a vote of no.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I would never suggest that the board did this on purpose or that it should ever be done on purpose. But….it has happened and there sits the money.
        As for Blair Park pool, the story is FAR from over. Community residents voted on a proposal that was too extensive and covered not only renovation of the pool, but also Park District expenses. Since then, more cost estimates both of repair and renovation have been done as has estimates of how long minor fixes can/will work. I won’t even go into the deceptive campaign ads the “No” group used to imply everyone’s property tax bill would hugely increase (I won’t, not more than several hundred dollars).
        There will be another episode of pool funding as Blair Park pool is a necessary part of our community and it’s mechanical survival is very limited.
        So here we have a gift…12.5 million in cash reserves that is already collected. Lets use at least some of it to fund a community project that needs doing!

        • Mr. Hunt –
          I assume that you understand that Dist 65 can’t use reserves to fund a Park District project.

          I am very eager to see any “vote no” campaign ads. I paid close attention to the vote and saw no “vote no” ads whatsoever. I’m particularly interested to see any “deceptive” ads. Please post a link or contact me directly. [email protected] or 847.400.6780 cell.

          PS – I am a member of the Park District Long-term Plan Task Force. We welcome any and all all input and are busy at work. We are thankful for the many residents who have already provided feedback. Please feel free to contact me directly or send comments or suggestions to the PD. We welcome questions. I’d be more than happy to buy you a cup of coffee.

          • I was suspicious that they could not use those funds….it was wishful thinking on my part, but it was a decent idea to throw out there for consideration.

            As for the deceptive ads in the last campaign, I don’t think there was too much doubt out there that the intention was to convince people that their personal property tax bill would increase by about 50% (my memory fails on the exact number, so I apologize in advance if it is off). Very much looking forward to the next campaign.

            • Dr. Hunt,

              I don’t believe there was a single “vote no ad”, let alone a “deceptive ad”. Again. please point me towards a a single vote no ad of any type. You write of the “intention” of ads. Yet I don’t think these ads even existed.

              Now, should you have real suggestions as the PD planning process moves forward, we’d love hear any and all input. Feel free to contact me directly or Ron Salski at the PD.

              David Forlow

              • Mr. Forlow,

                Apologies for the late reply, but i just saw this. I refer to the plethora of yard signs that populated LB in the weeks prior to the referendum stating that taxes would go up 45%.

                I believe I saw this repeated in other media, but I can’t say for sure. This in fact was not true…tax rates may have increased, but not the absolute tax that any resident would pay. I believe the estimate I saw said any individual’s tax bill would only increase a couple of hundred dollars. Kudos to the vote no campaign for getting the public to buy this as it appears to have done an excellent job of swaying opinion despite in inaccuracy of the statement.

                I plan on staying very involved in the process moving forward and in fact, was on the task force that came up with plans for renovation … I had and will have many suggestions.

                For what it is worth, I am thrilled that the current pool is able to be repaired. At the time the task force came up with its recommendations, it was communicated to us that repair would not be possible or financially sound to pursue.

                Hopefully, we can buy more than a few years, but I would highly doubt we can last with the current structure past the time where the debt service issues go away … so we will need to do something as not having a pool is not an option in my opinion. Hopefully, we can move forward with a pool-only referendum when that time comes.

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