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  1. @Andrew – The fact that other districts have agreed to ridiculous contracts does not make it right or prudent. Following other communities over the precipice is the equivalent of being a fiscal lemming. it is time to break that cycle. I would be curious to know what sort of insurance and pension plan is offered to the employees at your practice. My guess is that it is far less generous than the one offered to the teachers. Also do you offer guaranteed salary increases to all of your staff with the sole requirement that they maintain a pulse? If they are with you for four years, are they guaranteed a job for life? Do your employees ask you for a share of the interest that you earn on the deposits you hold in your bank account? Hmmmm?????

  2. “If teachers wish to be treated with respect, associate with people and organizations that create an environment that earns respect. Any action by teachers that interfere with the education of our student body is unprofessional and unworthy of those who profess to be educators.”

    So let me get this straight, by associating with Democrats (the only party that supports the middle class and public employees) and with the NEA (a large public union with broad support) the teachers don’t deserve respect? I would argue the opposite…that the teachers deserve respect for supporting a union that actually represents them fairly.

    As for whether the current actions of the LFEA are unprofessional, I would again respectfully disagree. Their current proposal (I believe a 2-3% raise after stagnant wages with the last deal) is perfectly in line with what most other local districts have agreed to and therefore, the boards refusal to move forward would actually seem to be the less professional position and the one the threatens the students the most.

    This forum is way too limited to get into a philosophical discussion of the relative strengths of the Democratic and Republican positions. The only issue at hand now is whether the current contract proposal put forth by the LFEA is fair and in-line with what other districts are doing and it is.

    Therefore, in my opinion, the board should move forward and sign the contract and keep our kids in school. Most of us live in large part because of the excellent public school system and it is why we pay the taxes we do.

  3. Let’s stick to the problem here. What is the Board’s proposal and what is teacher’s proposal? How can the school system reach an agreement that permits our children to receive the best possible education at the cost that is fair to taxpayers? The issues this writer raises are best addressed by voters in the correctly partisan election in November. Our school contract is a matter of purely local considerations and the resolutions here will have purely local impact on students and taxpayers. Mr. Boese, do you have children in the school? The Board must consider those children, as well as taxpayers, and they should not consider anything other than our community.

  4. Al, great point. To that, look at how much money the above organizations have given to Obama. Their decison is all take and no give.

  5. The NEA acts with unprofessional behavior? militant? Gov. Walker? exclusive donations? status quo?

    The truth is the NEA does not like No Child Left Behind. You are right about the vouchers, charter schools and magnet schools created by this program. They are allowed to have a platform, though, and many leading educators will agree NCLB needed significant reforms.

    Your rant about solely supporting the democratic party is dead wrong. They support republican and third-party candidates for the house and senate all the time. President is a different story, but before endorsing a presidential candidate, they need a majority vote from their members. Your statement about political support does not hold any water.

    The NEA is the largest labor union in the country. Anytime you talk about 3 million + members, some of them will say and do dumb things at times, but their union platforms should be commended. I encourage you to educate yourself about the NEA before calling them a militant organization.

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