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  1. The Barbarians are not just at the gates, they are making themselves quite comfortable in
    Lake Forest and Lake Bluff.

  2. The Eiffel Tower was panned by the critics and citizens of Paris at the time. Think what the world would be like if the Eiffel Tower was torn down in favor of “open space”? Jim: your fat kids could climb up and watch you paint it a color you like better. Does anyone think that Lake Bluff would be a better place if there were a few empty spec Mac Mansions or a tract of 20 unsold townhouses on this property? I didn’t think so.

  3. I thought I had increased tolerance of the absurd until I read your posts, Jim. Get a clue. It’s a beautiful, historical structure that should be protected.

  4. Perhaps this monstrosity could be made more marketable if the neighbors would each buy a gallon of paint and toss it on the walls. Voila! More modern “art noise”. Increased “art and architedture education” would simply result in increased tolerance of the absurd. How about spending more education money on reading, writing and ‘rithmatic. Also to include a little Physical Education, especially for those children who are weight challenged.

  5. This is a beautiful, carefully wrought residence by notable architects and in a distinctively Chicago International Style mode led by Mies van der Rohe and once again this aesthetic is back in vogue in the city (Trump Tower, AIC Modern Wing, etc.). I’ve been there and it is a true gem, livable energy saving way in advance of its time, etc. A masterpiece: https://www.lakeforest.edu/library/archives/lf-country-places/crabtreefarmeblair1955.php.

    Sorry, guys!

  6. The previous comments (by Jim and Marco) demonstrate why our country needs to increase art and architecture education at all levels of schooling. One doesn’t appreciate music or engineering or art unless schools have funded and provided skilled teachers to broaden students’ horizons in a meaningful way. It is easy to comment on architecture if you have no background in architectural history or design.

  7. What you can do? Honor the wishes of homeowners that do not want such a designation. Honor the wishes of one of Lake Bluff’s finest families that have contributed so much to the Village both publicly and privately. This is not some estate sitting in the middle of town for all to enjoy. Access is only via private property and not available to almost all of Lake Bluff. An honorific landmark distinction is not without implications. The new owners are free to apply for such designation should they so choose.

  8. I would agree with Jim. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Retaining the open space is more important. There are other Keck homes that are in better shape and as significant.

  9. Would be a good thing if this eyesore was demolished and a new house constructed. the thing looks like a cardboard box house like we all used to play in as kids. The architects must have worked all of 15 minutes on this design. With their eyes closed.

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