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  1. Whooping cough is a bacterial infection of the upper respiratory tract, primarily effecting both vaccinated and unvaccinated children. It’s highly contagious, and adult whooping cough is not uncommon. It starts as a common cold and develops into a spasmodic, persistent, suffocative cough accompanied by a sore throat, fever, mucus secretion and vomiting. Coughing continues until the lungs are emptied of air and the sudden, hard intake of breath causes the characteristic whooping sound. Coughing attacks are fierce and can occur up to 40 times daily, lasting for two months or longer.

    There are many homeopathic remedies that can prevent and treat whooping cough symptoms. The best remedy for you or your child should be chosen by an experienced homeopath based on individual symptoms.

  2. The Witt study indicated that the pertussis vaccine may lose its effectiveness sooner than expected, NOT that outbreaks of whooping cough are higher among vaccinated children. In no way does the author suggest that this vaccine is/was harmful to children. (for reference: Witt et al, 2012; Clinical Infectious Disease)

    Unvaccinated children who get whooping cough are more likely to be seriously ill and to be hospitalized than vaccinated children.

  3. I have two sons with respiratory problems. I also think this is good news for people who have weaken immune systems and respiratory conditions. The article said there was a resurgence of whooping cough in IL. I’m curious as to that number of people that were vaccinated that had contracted the disease. I only know about 5 parents that opted out of the vaccine and the odd thing was 3 of the children developed it at ages 3-6. Do I think you should be able to opt out? Yes I do. I also think that parents should discuss it with their Dr. before making that decision.

  4. New research reported by Reuters reveals that whooping cough outbreaks are HIGHER among vaccinated children compared with unvaccinated children. This is based on a study led by Dr. David Witt, an infectious disease specialist at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in San Rafael, California.

    In early 2010, a spike in cases appeared at Kaiser Permanente in San Rafael, and it was soon determined to be an outbreak of whooping cough — the largest seen in California in more than 50 years. Witt had expected to see the illnesses center around unvaccinated kids, knowing they are more vulnerable to the disease. “We started dissecting the data. What was very surprising was the majority of cases were in fully vaccinated children. That’s what started catching our attention.”

    This is where the false-meme creation machine of pharma / CDC comes into play. It’s a hoax. Their answer is to simply increase the number of whooping cough shots instead of acknowledging they are ineffective (at best) and dangerous overall (likely).

  5. As a mother of a child with respiratory issues, this is good news. The vaccine helps protect the smallest(babies), weakest and elderly in the community – protecting those most at risk. Yes, you can opt out, but sometimes looking at the world as a place where everyone is connected and we all are here together is the more self-less approach.

  6. This is another example of government misinformation. You never are “required” to vaccinate. Educate yourself and make your own decisions. The Whooping cough vaccine increases the rate of the disease. You merely require a religious exemption in the state of Illinois.

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