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  1. Nice post Anne. I got the irony in the experience. Hardly time to reflect on the damage before it was all cleaned up. And as Carrol mentioned, it reminded me too how caught up in modern living we can be. Discovered my 9 y.o. can really hold his own in chess!

  2. I’m sure that if we’d had our power back by yesterday morning I would have looked at as a lovely story too. But with no clear end in sight after three and a half days, my laundry pile is now out of control! And of course we are still going out to work each day, although maintaining professional attire is becoming more and more difficult. Count yourselves lucky ladies!

  3. There are at least two crews from an electric company from out of state in the East Terrace and West Terrace at the moment. It is now about 2pm Thursday.

    I stopped and chatted with the West Terrace crew on a walk with the dog as they were on a break. One was from Ohio, one Tennessee, one Georgia, one “Philly” another from Michigan where he was working yesterday repairing storm damage.

    They were a friendly neighborly bunch all still with smiles on their faces.

  4. You hit the mark Anne … it was inconvenient, but not impossible. We picked up sticks with the neighbors, ate “melted meat” hot off the grill, and stayed up late talking. I dug into my pile of library books with the help of my “itty bitty book lite” and candles. I played cards with my daughter. I am relieved to shower at my own house today, but it was a nice reminder to slow down!

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