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  1. We don’t hear it very well in Knollwood either. And if you miss the announcement the first time you have to hope you run outside in time to hear it the second time!

    Last night they said Saturday night for our part of Knollwood. We’ll see how that changes.

  2. I would also like a satellite weather siren which could be heard on the west side of Lake Bluff. Even though we were listening for one with our front door open, I didn’t hear it from uptown. We are near Green Bay. I’m not sure where it could be placed, but I think it would be a good addition to our storm safety precautions.

  3. Knollwood resident–that’s good to know you can get status updates if you have an online ComEd account. Thanks for sharing that info–I will have to get one myself. … As for how to get such updates on a community scale—I asked Lake County’s emergency storm guy (Kent McKenzie) about this–he said: “Since the Com-Ed restoration process follows their distribution network, it’s not a simple matter to track restoration on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis. We don’t currently get this level of detail in the info that we’re provided by Com-Ed, but we will ask to see if its kept….”

  4. It would be great if you could post updates on estimated restore times for various areas, for those of us who can’t get them from ComEd.

    Those who do have a ComEd online account can see status updates online, you can also sign up for text alerts from them.

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