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  1. You can call him Jeff or Tom, but by any name he is one of Lake Bluff’s finest citizens. He is dignified and courteous, greeting each visitor to Lake Bluff as he or she arrives. He is a friendly companion to the crossing guard and helps ensure that the children can safely cross the street. He is a true public servant working day in and day out for the public good without compensation.

    Why then is our benefactor persecuted? Why is he chased in the street like a common criminal? Has he broken any laws, has he hurt anyone, did he vote for Rod Blagojevich? I think not.

    Our friend is hated by the authorities because he challenges their power and he dares to be free. Our guardian goes to work each day and does not hide behind a badge, uniform or book of codes. The Lake Bluff authorities envy our talented friend and these authorities may soon use force to remove him. However, the truth is that the world would be a better place if our public servants each had a little of this turkey in them.

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