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  1. I was speaking to a former LB resident and he was saddened to hear about East school closing and he hoped the community would find a use for the gym/stage area at the very least. I told him about the options presented and then we discussed the idea of the Vilet Center moving there and how it would be a great tie-in as one of LB’s oldest buildings and one with so much community history.

  2. The greenspace sounds like the most effective way for the school district to utilize the property. They can use it for Middle school recess or PE class. I don’t think I want an empty building to sit in our neighborhood for 5 years costing tax payers 100K each year because of indecision. That money could be put to our school cirriculum instead! Great if you can get someone to purchase it – but have you seen the inside? Basement that floods every time it rains! No one is crazy enough to buy it!

  3. Vliet was one of the 100+ area organizations contacted by the East School Task Force. Vliet can’t afford anywhere near what it would cost to maintain the East School space. Utilities alone at East are about 85K per year.
    If someone can raise $3+ million to convert East to community use (and then raise another $100K a year to cover overhead) then East could be saved.
    I love old buildings and I am a history buff but Dist 65 can’t (and shouldn’t) spend a penny at East unless the building is used for educational purposes.
    Gorton will lose $300K+ this year and that amount will have to be generated in fund raising. Dist 65 can’t be saddled with an albatross.

  4. Just a question: has anyone considered the possibility of the Vliet Center moving into the historical part of East School (maybe in combination with community center uses, too, depending on how much space is left over) ….
    taking down the newer wings and using the surrounding land for Green Space or a playing field for the Middle School ….
    and then letting the Library expand into the current Vliet Museum space? Our library seems so hand-cuffed by space limitations and that would surely give it some room to spread out …. ???
    I know they are all owned by different entities, which would make it challenging, but I’m just wondering if this is an option to consider?
    Locating the Vliet Center near the Middle School might even strengthen the school-museum connection ….?

  5. One complicating factor to keep in mind is that the building and land are currently owned by the taxpayers of School District 65, which is not the same as the Village of Lake Bluff. Any future use would have to benefit (and any expense to taxpayers be borne by) all the residents of the School District and not just the Village, unless the Village were to purchase the property from the School District at market value.

  6. Call the folks at “Extreme Makeover: School Edition” No, honestly, this is an historical building and should be protected. Not sure why it doesn’t have historical status already? No decision should be made until the city / residents have the ability to fund each of the options independently – maybe it will take five years… But to just raze a building like this because the money isn’t there now is crazy..

  7. I think option #3 sounds like a good compromise. Create a community center, save the architectural elements and add green space in place of the 1947 addition demolition. Don’t know where funding would come from? Perhaps a community campaign to donate your time, expertise and tools to aid in the renovation?

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